Back 4 Blood weapon tier list

Kit yourself out with the best of the best in Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studios' Back 4 Blood tasks you with mowing down hordes of definitely-not-zombies in order to survive and make it back home. While the build you use for your deck is going to be the biggest factor in how well you're able to get by, weapons are important too. Here are the weapons of Back 4 Blood, ranked.

Back 4 Blood weapon tier list

Back 4 Blood weapon tier list © Turtle Rock Studios
 © Turtle Rock Studios

S Tier

  • LMG: RPK - we're going with the RPK over the M249 because while the M249's rate of fire is a lot higher, the RPK simply outclasses it in terms of accuracy and damage. Pairing that with attachments that compensate for its weaknesses, and this is just a real nasty gun.
© Turtle Rock Studios
© Turtle Rock Studios
  • Assault Rifle: M16 - The M16 does have less damage power than some of the other assault rifle options, but it's much more accurate than its counterparts. Because of its low recoil, the M16 is a stellar choice for being able to pick off enemies accurately. 
  • Sniper Rifle: Phoenix 350L - The Phoenix 350L is the best sniper rifle in the game simply because of its absolutely deadly combination of long range damage and fast reload speed. Your shots will pack a punch, and you'll be able to get more of them off faster with this gun. 
  • Shotgun: AA12 - The AA12 is the king of shotguns in Back 4 Blood thanks to its low recoil, high fire rate, and impressive damage stat. It's the most accurate shotgun in the game, and if you kit it out properly it can even serve as a sort of assault rifle/shotgun hybrid.
  • SMG: Vector - The Vector manages to outclass Back 4 Blood's UMP45 because of its relatively low recoil, and super fast rate of fire. These two advantages make it easy to tear through hordes while keeping control of your gun.
  • Sidearm: Desert Eagle - In short, the Desert Eagle is precise and packs a wallop, which is all you really need in a sidearm. 
© Turtle Rock Studios
© Turtle Rock Studios
  • Melee Weapon: Machete - Though the axe and the hatchet both do more damage than the machete, they only let you do overhead swings. When you're in desperate need of crowd control, that doesn't do you much good. The machete, on the other hand, lets you swing it horizontally, which is much more helpful when you're dealing with hordes.

A Tier

  • LMG: M249 - The M249 has a super fast rate of fire, and can hold a lot of bullets in the chamber, it's just not as accurate as the RPK.
  • Assault Rifle: Ranch Rifle - This semi-automatic rifle is a solid choice because it's fairly accurate at long range while still being deadly in closer combat.
  • Sniper Rifle: Barrett M95 - This sniper rifle packs a nasty punch with its high damage output, but its bullet capacity is pretty low, and it has a slow rate of fire. 
  • Shotgun: The Super 90 - Like the AA12, The Super 90 has a really good reload time, high damage, and low recoil. It's a great choice if you haven't found an AA12.
  • SMG: UMP45 - Like we said above, the UMP is good. The Vector is only better, in our opinion, because it's easy to fire really accurately and to reload quickly. The UMP45 is the next best thing with extremely high damage output.
© Turtle Rock Studios
© Turtle Rock Studios
  • Sidearm: M1911 - This semi-automatic pistol is really versatile, which makes it the second best pick. It only does moderate damage, but it's good in a variety of situations.
  • Melee Weapon: Fire Axe - The axe deals a lot of damage for a melee weapon, and provides a longer reach than the hatchet.

B Tier

  • Assault Rifle: SCAR - The SCAR can do a lot of damage, and is pretty accurate, but it's slow rate of fire makes it a harder sell
  • Sniper Rifle: M1A - While the M1A deals more damage than the Ranch Rifle, it has a lot more recoil and its rate of fire is a lot slower.
  • Shotgun: 870 Express - The 870 Express is a pump action shotgun, and has a much slower reload speed than its A and S tier counterparts. 
© Turtle Rock Studios
© Turtle Rock Studios
  • SMG: MP5 - The MP5 has good handling, but deals less damage than the UMP45. 
  • Sidearm: Glock 23 - Though not the heaviest hitter, the Glock 23 is a semi-automatic pistol that does moderate damage and has a pretty big magazine. 
  • Melee Weapon: Hatchet - The hatchet does a good amount of damage, but it doesn't have the reach of the axe or machete.

C Tier

  • Assault Rifle: AK47 - The AK47 does a ton of damage, but it gets more inaccurate the longer you fire and its rate of fire is pretty slow. 
© Turtle Rock Studios
© Turtle Rock Studios
  • Shotgun: TAC14 - The TAC14 has the highest damage of all the shotguns in Back 4 Blood, but it has a very low bullet capacity (it maxes out at 5 even with magazine attachments)
  • SMG: UZI - The UZI fires faster than its counterparts, but just doesn't pack the same punch as those ranked above it.
  • Sidearm: 357 Magnum - The 357 Magnum is a double-action revolver that is both accurate and powerful, but its slow rate of fire makes it a hard sell. 
  • Melee Weapon: Baseball bat - The reach on the bat is nice, but the bladed weapons simply do more damage so it's hard to not recommend those first. 

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