EA Play 2018 to include new info about Battlefield and Anthem

Fans will be able to find out new information about Anthem and the Battlefield series during 2018's EA Play event.

In a recent announcement, Electronic Arts confirmed that fans will be able to learn more about Anthem and the latest installment in the Battlefield series during its 2018 EA Play event.

This year, the EA Play Event is scheduled to take place right before E3 2018 at the Hollywood Palladium from June 9 through June 11. Tickets for EA Play 2018 will be free and will be available sometime later this spring. For more on how you can attend EA Play 2018, be sure to check out the event’s official website.

While the event itself will certainly be fun, the most exciting aspect of EA Play 2018 centers around the fact that EA intends to bring a playable demo of the latest Battlefield game.

For those uninterested in the Battlefield series, the company will also present new details about their upcoming sci-fi title, Anthem. Meanwhile, a variety of EA Sports titles will be unveiled, and attendees will have access to hundreds of game stations that contain “unique game demo experiences” according to EA. 

As of right now, Anthem is projected to release during the first half of 2019 and the latest Battlefield title later this October. With both games fast approaching, we can't wait to see what EA has up its sleeve for EA Play 2018! 

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