How to claim Pokemon Unite pre-registration rewards before November

Get extra goodies from Pokemon Unite's mobile version

Players have until October 31 to claim the rewards that Timi Studios offered to fans as an incentive for pre-registering to try out the game on mobile after it was released there in September. 

Because the game's mobile version got 1 million pre-registrations, players receive 1,000 Aeos tickets. Unite fans can also claim Pikachu's Unite License for free thanks to the game reaching 2.5 million pre-registrations. They can deck their free Pikachu out in the Festival Style holowear at no cost as well, because Pokemon Unite's mobile version reached 5 million pre-registrations. 

How to claim Pokemon Unite pre-registration rewards

How to claim Pokemon Unite pre-registration rewards © Nintendo
How to claim Pokemon Unite pre-registration rewards © Nintendo

To claim the rewards from Pokemon Unite's pre-registration campaign for the mobile version, you have to login to the mobile version. You cannot claim these rewards on the Switch version of Pokemon Unite.

 If you've never played on mobile, or if you're switching devices, it's easy to connect your account. Download the Pokemon Unite app onto your device, let it download any updates, then press the start button. Fill out the required birthday and policy information, then proceed. Here you'll be asked if you want to create a new account or if you want to transfer data from an existing one. Choose the latter, then select which login method you use when you normally play. After you login, your accounts should be connected.

Those who are trying the game out for the first time on mobile can simply follow the prompts in the app to create a new account.

© Nintendo
© Nintendo

Once you're situated in the mobile version of Pokemon Unite, tap on the menu icon and scroll to Events. Open this page, and scroll down to the "Preregistration Campaign" tab. Here you can claim all the rewards listed above, and an additional 1,000 Aeos tickets. Players will also use the Events menu to claim rewards for the ongoing Halloween event.

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