Mario Party Superstars unlockables

Learn all the unlockables in Mario Party Superstars and how to earn them.

Mario Party Superstars makes most of its content available to your from the start, but you will find plenty of unlockables begin to pop up as you play through rounds on each board. Here’s a breakdown of all Mario Party Superstars unlockables that you can earn and how to go about it.

Mario Party Superstars unlockables

It’s worth starting this breakdown of Mario Party Superstars unlockables by noting that there are no unlockable characters or boards in the game. Unless Nintendo releases DLC, you’re stuck with the basic 10 characters and the starting five boards. With that out of the way, here are the Mario Party Superstars unlockables you can earn. 


Mario Party Superstars unlockables stickers
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Stickers are unlocked by increasing your Mario Party Level. This can be done by playing games on each board both online and offline. Once unlocked, stickers must be purchased from Toad’s Shop, accessible from the main menu. You’ll need to spend coins earned by gaining stars during games or by completing challenges at Mt. Minigames. There are 67 stickers in total available to unlock.

Mario Party Superstars unlockables guide
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Stickers can cost up to 200 coins and will only be unlocked for the account which purchases them. Annoyingly, that means Guests will only be able to use the base set of stickers. You’ll need to log in with a unique account for each player if you want everyone to unlock stickers.

Card Designs

Mario Party Superstars unlockables list Card Designs
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Card designs are also purchased from Toad’s shop, but you’ll need to unlock them through a range of methods, including completing games on each board, increasing your Mario Party Level, and by completing Achievements (more on those later). There are 15 Mario Party Cards available to unlock.

Card Designs can be applied to your Mario Party Card in the Data House that Kamek runs. Move to the left and select your Mario Party Card from the bottom shelf. Hit A to Edit, then press Y to Change Design. You’ll then be able to select from your unlocked Card Designs

Encyclopedia Pages

Mario Party Superstars Unlockables list encyclopedia pages
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Encyclopedia Pages are another item purchased from Toad’s Shop. These Mario Party Superstars unlockables show a few images and information on characters, games, boards, and tips from the Mario Party series. Far from an essential unlock, but a fun thing to collect. You can view them in the Encyclopedia on the bottom shelf of the Data House.

Most Encylcopedia Pages are available to purchase from Toad’s Shop at the start of the game. They range in price from 40 to 100 coins. To unlock the pages for each stage, however, you’ll first need to complete a game of Mario Party Superstars there. Not exactly the most arduous task. More pages will also unlock as you increase your Mario Party Level.


All unlockables mario party superstars
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Music has two forms of unlockable. By completing a game on each board, you’ll unlock the Classic version of the music which can be enabled for that stage in the Options House.

Mario party superstars all unlockables music
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In addition, you can also purchase music tracks to listen to at the Data House, if that’s your thing. These can be bought from Toad’s Shop, and again, you’ll need to play each stage before it’s music will unlock in Mario Party Superstars. Music ranges wildly in price, even reaching several hundred coins in cost. Once purchased, activate the record player in the Data House to listen to any of the tracks you’ve bought.


Mario party superstars all unlockables achievements
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Achievements are titles that you can display on your Mario Party Card. These Mario Party Superstars unlockables are earned by completing certain tasks during a game. You can view a list of all 50 Achievements in the Data House run by Kamek. Complete a constellation to light it up!

Mario Party superstars unlockables achievements
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Once you unlock an achievement, you can display it on your Mario Party Card. Open the Mario Party Card in the Data House run by Kamek then press A to edit. You'll be able to swap out your displayed Achievement title for any that you've unlocked.

Staff Credits

Finally, once you reach Mario Party Level 50, you’ll unlock the staff credits to view.

Those are all the Mario Party Superstars unlockables. Want to know which minigames are included? Click here for the list of all 100 Mario Party Superstar minigames. If you’re after more, we have lists of all the boards and characters available. For everything else regarding the Mushroom Kingdom’s nostalgic bash, head to our hub page for the game and have a browse.

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