How Super Mario Odyssey was made for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo recently opened up about Super Mario Odyssey's development for Nintendo Switch.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Nintendo producer Yoshiaki Koizumi unveiled new info about Super Mario Odyssey. While the full interview itself is undoubtedly a fascinating read, the fact that Super Mario Odyssey was reportedly designed with the Nintendo Switch in mind really stands out.

Four years separate the release of Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey, with Super Mario 3D World coming out for the Wii U in November of 2013.

With so much time separating the two titles, many gamers wondered whether or not Nintendo had considered a Wii U release of Super Mario Odyssey. Especially considering the highly celebrated Nintendo Switch launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, received a Wii U release.

Addressing the development of Super Mario Odyssey, Koizumi stated:

“It [Super Mario Odyssey] was always planned for Nintendo Switch. We really were considering a lot of the hardware capabilities specifically for this game, and wanted to make the most use of them.”

Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi went on to provide additional details regarding the release of Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch:

“I think the idea of what the Nintendo Switch is became very important around here, because it can both function as a console or portable device. We really thought about what sort of software features would make the best use of those capabilities. Super Mario Odyssey really answers to a lot of that capability in the way we’d hoped. We wanted to time it for a year-end release to make the most of that as well.”

It’s interesting to hear Nintendo had a strict Switch focus in mind when creating Super Mario Odyssey. One which definitely paid off, as Super Mario Odyssey is blast to play using the Switch’s signature Joy-Con controllers.

For more info on the game, be sure to read through our review of Super Mario Odyssey.

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