How to download Halo Infinite multiplayer on PC and Xbox

Learn how to download and install Halo Infinite's multiplayer on PC and Xbox for free.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has launched earlier than expected, creating a rush for players to download and hop onto servers, battle rifle or energy sword in hand. If you’re looking to get your Spartan started, we’ve broken down how to download Halo Infinite multiplayer below into simple steps. Once you’ve installed Halo Multiplayer, you can dive right into the action before the campaign releases.

How to download Halo Infinite multiplayer on PC

The PC launch of Halo Infinite is split between Steam and the Microsoft Store. The key thing to note is that the game is free to play, so even if you’re a game pass subscriber, you can still download Halo Infinite multiplayer through Steam if you’d prefer. We’ve included both methods to install Halo Infinite Multiplayer below


How to download halo infinite multiplayer PC steam guide
  • Search for Halo Infinite within the Steam Store or head directly to the game’s store page by clicking here.
  • Scroll down and click the green Play Game button next to Play Halo Infinite.
  • If you’re using a web browser, you’ll now need to log into your Steam account or create one. 
  • Follow the instructions within Steam to choose an installation location.
  • Wait for Halo Infinite to download.

Microsoft Store

How to install halo infinite multiplayer pc microsoft store
  • Make sure you have installed the Xbox App by searching for Xbox in the Microsoft Store.
  • Open the Xbox App for PC.
  • Log into your Xbox account by clicking the icon in the top right and choosing ‘Sign in’.
  • Search for Halo Infinite using the search bar in the top right of the app.
  • Click the Free multiplayer option from the results.
  • Click the ‘GET Free’ button on the next page.
  • Halo Infinite will be added to your account and automatically begin downloading.

How to download Halo Infinite multiplayer on Xbox

You can download Halo Infinite multiplayer on Xbox via the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S Store app, or by using the Game Pass app. 

  • Open the Store app or Game Pass app
  • Search for Halo Infinite and select the Multiplayer portion.
  • On the Store app, select ‘Get Free’. On the Game Pass app. Select Install.
  • Halo Infinite will begin downloading and installing automatically.

Once you download and install Halo Infinite multiplayer, all you need to do is launch the game through the same platform you downloaded it on. The multiplayer is entirely free to play, so you can enjoy it whether you're a Game Pass subscriber or not. You won’t even have to buy the campaign when that releases on December 8. While it's downloading, check out the Halo Infinite controls for PC and Xbox so that you're fully prepared for combat.

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