Halo Infinite weekly challenges explained

Find out how many weekly challenges are in Halo Infinite and how to check your progress.

Halo Infinite’s progression system has already received quite a lot of blowback, but on top of its rate issues, it’s also really confusing. If you’re wondering how many weekly challenges are in Halo Infinite, this guide will break down how to check your progress through the current batch. The Halo Infinite weekly challenges are by no means easy to wrap up, but at least you’ll know what you need to work through for that Ultimate reward.

How many weekly challenges are there?

Halo infinite how many weekly challenges are there
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Halo Infinite has 21 weekly challenges in its first batch. These will only last for the given week before resetting with a new set for you to work through. Complete them all and the bonus challenges to earn the “Ultimate” reward listed on the side of the challenges screen.

You can view your current weekly challenges from the Multiplayer main menu by selecting the battle pass and challenges box in the top right segment of the screen, the selecting Challenges. Here you’ll be shown one daily challenge and three weekly challenges. If you’ve purchased the Premium Battle Pass, you’ll have access to four weekly challenge slots, allowing you to work on more tasks at once. 

Halo Infinite weekly challenges list

Halo Infinite Weekly challenges list
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To see the remaining challenges you have left, press the button prompted next to the “Upcoming Challenges” button at the bottom left of the screen (R on PC, Y on Xbox, by default). This will open a list of all the challenges you’ve still got to work through before you’ll have wrapped up that week’s set.

Halo Infinite Weekly challenges explained
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Blue challenges indicate tasks worth extra XP, usually around 300, Ultimate tasks that’ll earn you the week’s reward. You can also view the exact time you have left to complete all the current challenges before the reset via the counter at the top right of the list.

That’s all we can teach you about the Halo Infinite weekly challenges. We can’t guarantee that future weeks will have the same number of weekly challenges included, especially given 343 Industries is still fine-tuning the challenges system and battle pass progression. For more Halo Infinite tips and tricks, check out the game’s hub page or head to our beginner’s guide for some match-winning tips.

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