Smell like Sonic with new Sega colognes

Yakuza and Shenmue colognes also available for the gamer who wants to smell like 40-year-old game series.

Sega has released a new line of merch for their biggest game franchises, allowing you to smell like Sonic, if that's what you're into.

The line of colognes offered through the Sega Europe store gives fans of Shenmue, Yakuza and Sonic to get a whiff of what their favorite game series might smell like.

Made in collaboration with merch merchants Numskull Designs, each cologne has scents that Sega has decided best fit with the worlds they represent.

If you are fond of wasting away your hours in arcades, then the musky stench of Tobacco and Gold, the Shenmue cologne, will be a perfect match for you. The smelling notes from the Sega Shop Europe site claim it whiffs of "clashing cardamom and bergamot, smouldering golden tobacco, deep orris and a strong patchouli base." Just the sort of scent you need for heading down to the docks and searching for sailors who might know about your murdered dad.

Finding sailors not your style? Just want to get straight to the fighting in a pachinko parlor? Yakuza's signature scent of Bourbon and Smoke is the smell for you. Made up of "antique oak, cedarwood, beeswax infused with smoky bourbon, leathery rose and scorching pimento" this cologne is probably what Kiryu bathes in.

And, of course, the question everyone has been asking in darkweb internet forums for the past decade: what does Sonic smell like? Finally we have an answer, and it's surprisingly fruity. The "Blue Blur" cologne has a bouquet made of "fresh citrus, a zing of grapefruit zest and exotic lemon and lime, topped with the scent of the ocean breeze and chilled melon fade". It sort of sounds fast, with all that zinging and zest, but melon? We're unconvinced.

You can pick up any of the official Sega colognes from the Sega Shop in Europe and the UK and they'll probably make a great Christmas gift for someone who wants to smell like a video game hedgehog or a Japanese street fighter.


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