Destiny 2 - Leviathan raid guide, The Gauntlet

How to complete The Gauntlet challenge in the Leviathan raid.

Every week a different challenge of the Leviathan raid is selected to be first, meaning that you could be starting with a challenge you might not have experienced yet. This is why it’s important to fully understand every section of the raid! For those who don’t really enjoy fighting, The Gauntlet is a challenge that requires a lot of communication and jumping skills, not a lot of shooting – so microphones are essential.

The Gauntlet is Emperor Calus’ version of a game show. There’s an obstacle course, energy balls that need to be taken from one location to another, buttons to press and doorways to unlock. If you haven’t had a chance to beat them yet, be sure to check out our guides on how to beat the Royal Pools and how to beat the Pleasure Gardens.

Leviathan Raid – The Gauntlet

The main goal of The Gauntlet is to take Psionic Charges through the obstacle course and place them in the center statue. Two people need to collect the Psionic Charges, which teleports them onto the running course, while the four people inside shoot buttons that open the correct path. Once six Psionic Charges are collected, everyone must run the course.

The statue in the center of the room is where the Psionic Charges are dunked.

To start this section of the Leviathan raid, there must be one player standing on each of the four platforms, each of which has a symbol: Sun, Chalice, Dogs, and Axes. Once the pillars lower, minions will begin to spawn, and after all Centurions are killed, two Psionic Charges will appear.

Two players will need to take one Psionic Charge each, but choose wisely as they will immediately teleport into the course. At this point, the two players will need to navigate the obstacle course while also calling out what ring they see illuminated. However, to do this, they must also call out the symbol they see above the course. For instance, when looking slightly up, you might see the Chalice symbol, with the green ring being at the top. If this is the case, you would call “Chalice, top”.

Help out your platform neighbors to ensure the arrows are shot as soon as possible. The longer it takes the arrows to change color, the less time the runner has to stop from exploding.

The four players left outside have a simple job: they must shoot the two glowing arrows that the course runner does not call out. Using the above example, if the course runner called “Chalice, top”, then the player on the Chalice plate will need to shoot the middle and bottom buttons until they turn green. After the arrows turn green, the players on the platforms will need to kill a Sol Councilor that spawns below the arrows, else they will cause a team wipe.

Once the player on the inside has successfully shot the correct arrows, the course runner will see the path clear and a black orb spawn in the ring; this black orb prevents the Psionic Charge from exploding and must be collected.

The course runner must complete a full lap of the obstacle course before they can pass through a glowing finish line, teleporting them back inside the main arena. From here, the Psionic Charge must be dunked in the center statue.

This must be done three times, with each successive phase becoming more difficult. On the second and third phase, parts of the floor will disappear, making the obstacle course significantly more dangerous.

Once all six Psionic Charges are picked up, everyone gets teleported onto the track. Only three out of six players need to make it to the end - so have fun!

Once six Psionic Charges are in the center, the statue will expel the Psionic Charges and each player must pick one up. This will teleport all six players to the obstacle course (no one needs to shoot arrows during this phase), where everyone must avoid the holes in the floor and pick up black orbs to prevent an explosion. One lap must be completed before the Psionic Charges can be returned to the center, finishing the entire challenge. Thankfully, only three Psionic Charges need to make it to the end to count as a success.

Course Runners and Platform Players Strategies

It’s a good idea to send the lowest Power level players to collect the Psionic Charges, as the four people who stay inside will have to fight enemies and kill Sol Councilors. The course runners should also be proficient at jumping, as avoiding the bottomless pits is critical.

At the start of every phase, the two course runners should help clear the minions, and help whittle down the health of the Centurion that spawns.

If the Sol Councilors are not killed, they spawn an enemy that instantly wipes your team.
If the Sol Councilors are not killed, they spawn an enemy that instantly wipes your team.

For the players that stand on the platforms, a good strategy is to help the player to your right with their arrows. This is because the course runners are at opposite ends, meaning only two players’ arrows will need to be shot at any one time. As an example, if the course runner has finished passing through your side, run down and melee your Councilor to kill it, and then help the person to your right shoot their arrows.

To make this tip even easier, it can be a good idea to decide who should shoot what arrow. No matter what the course runner calls out, there will always be an “upper” and a “lower” arrow. Let’s say the person on your right is standing on the Sun platform, and the course runner calls out, “Sun, top”, then you know that the middle and bottom arrows must be shot. In this case, the middle arrow is the “uppermost” and the bottom arrow is the “lowermost”.

In this run, I was assigned the
In this run, I was assigned the "lower" arrow at all times, so I kept my reticle near the lower-two arrows, in case the "lowest" arrow was there. If the runner said top or middle, I'd know to shoot bottom, and if the runner said bottom, I'd know to shoot middle.

Now, if you were selected to always shoot the “upper” arrow, and the only available arrows to shoot are middle and bottom, you know that the middle arrow is the “uppermost” arrow of the two. You would shoot the middle arrow while the person on the Sun platform would shoot the “lower” arrow, which is the bottom one.

It might sound difficult to understand in text, but when playing, it means that you only need to worry about shooting a single arrow. Alternatively, if this is too complicated, you can simply help shoot whatever arrow the other player isn’t shooting.

Using Swords to take the Centurions is a good idea, as they come with a lot of health.
Using Swords to take the Centurions is a good idea, as they come with a lot of health.

The main challenges of The Gauntlet are killing the minions at the beginning of each phase, not falling down a bottomless pit, and shooting the correct arrows. If you accidentally shoot the arrow that the course runner calls out, all the arrows will turn red and a black orb won’t spawn, which can lead to the Psionic Charge exploding, causing a team wipe. Don’t fret, because making a mistake won’t necessarily lead to a wipe, so long as the course runner can quickly collect a black orb before the Charge explodes.

The Gauntlet challenge in the Destiny 2 Leviathan raid is one of the easier challenges, based solely on the fact there aren’t a lot of enemies to kill. However, it can still be difficult if people aren’t communicating clearly, so remember to give clear callouts!

Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 hub for more raid guides, news, and tips!

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