Black Friday 2021 Deathloop deals

Find the best Black Friday 2021 deals for Deathloop on the PS5 from all the major retailers.

If time is on your mind this holiday season, you may be looking to hunt down the best Deathloop Black Friday 2021 deals. We’ve been through the loop a hundred times already and have rounded up the finest offers available during the run up to the day itself (November 26, in case you’d forgotten). Check below to see what all the major retailers are offering for Deathloop during Black Friday 2021.

Black Friday 2021 Deathloop deals

Black Friday 2021 Deathloop Deals
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Despite being a relatively recent release, Deathloop has received some solid discounts on PS5. As one of the few next-gen titles out there (and a highly acclaimed one at that), Deathloop is well worth picking up if you’ve got the time to play it. Here are the best Black Friday 2021 Deathloop deals:

Amazon leads the pack currently, offering Deathloop at a Black Friday discount price of $24.99, or 58% off the recommended retail price of $59.99. Right behind at effectively the same price is Walmart, which is offering the game for $25, meaning there’s a cheap option for those who want to head into a physical store. Both Best Buy and Target have set pricier values for the looping shooter, so only go with them if you can’t find a copy at the other two.

Deathloop follows Colt Vahn, an experienced gunslinger who finds himself trapped in a time loop on the island of Blackreef. The only way out is to kill eight visionaries in a single day. The eccentric targets are dangerous in and of themselves, but first Colt needs to find them. The biggest problem is the rival assassin Julianna is out to stop him by any means necessary. If you manage to secure one of the Black Friday 2021 Deathloop deals above, be sure to head over to our hub page for the game to check out all the guides we put together for it. For more Black Friday 2021 deals, check out our PlayStation roundup page for all the major offers.

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