Halo Infinite Killing Spree: How many kills you need to earn the emblem

Learn how to get a Killing Spree in Halo Infinite, with out tips for the best approach to scoring this lucrative medal.

Halo Infinite will reward you with a wealth of emblems for various feats you achieve while playing. At times, you’ll also be asked to earn these emblems in challenges set by the game. If you’re looking to understand how many kills you need to get a Killing Spree in Halo Infinite, we can help. This emblem is earned for securing several kills in a single life, making it one of the more challenging tasks to complete. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get a Killing Spree in Halo Infinite

How to get a Killing Spree in Halo Infinite

How to get a killing spree in halo infinite
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A Halo Infinite Killing Spree is earned by getting five kills in a single life. It doesn’t matter what weapons you use or how long it takes you, so long as you kill five enemy Spartans without dying yourself, you’ll get a Killing Spree emblem at the end of the match.

If you manage to earn a Killing Spree during your game, it’ll show up underneath the performance sheet on the Player Recap screen which displays after a match. Look for the emblem with a circle that has four points at the top, bottom, left, and right. Inside the circle will be concentric blue rings on a white background. In addition, the announcer will say out loud when you earn a Killing Spree, in exactly the same way you’ll hear calls for double and triple kills.

A Killing Spree isn’t easy to obtain in Halo Infinite, but using the right tools can make all the difference. If you manage to secure yourself a power weapon like the M41 SPNKR Rocket Launcher or the S7 Sniper, you’ll be making your life that much easier. It’s also typically far easier to earn Killing Sprees in objective-based modes. In Slayer, the enemy team will be hunting you directly for a kill. In Capture the Flag, they’ll be focussed on the objective, allowing you to lie in wait for them. 

Be sure to heed the advice in our Halo Infinite beginner’s guide, as some tips like crouching to stay off the radar can make a huge difference here. Grab a Gravity Hammer or Energy Sword and hide around corners waiting for your prey. It might feel cheap, but they should learn not to run into your nest! 

Now that you know how to get a Killing Spree in Halo Infinite, head over to our hub page for the game to find more useful guides to get you ahead in its multiplayer fights.

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