Halo Infinite medals list: How to earn all multiplayer medals

All medals in Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode that you can be awarded at the end of a match.

Halo Infinite will shower you in accolades at the end of each match, highlighting certain accomplishments you’ve managed to pull off. We’ve collected a full Halo Infinite medals list below that’ll teach you exactly what it takes to earn every single award the game’s multiplayer has to offer. And trust us, some of them are a lot of work. If you're after a specific medal for a weekly challenge, check the medals list below to find what you're after.

Halo Infinite medals list for multiplayer

There are six categories of medal in Halo Infinite: Proficiency, multi-kill, killing spree, mode, skill, and style. Medals also come in four different rarities intended to reflect how difficult they are to obtain. However, as rarity isn't displayed in game and doesn't affect any details, we haven't included it in the Halo Infinite medals list below.

Proficiency (kill and assist count) medals

Halo Infinite medals list proficiency
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These medals are earned by racking up five kills or assists using a given weapon/vehicle type, or by killing five enemies in a specific circumstance (e.g. saving your allies from them).

  • Boxer: Kill 5 enemies with melee
  • Warrior: Kill 5 enemies with melee weapons
  • Gunslinger: Kill 5 enemies with pistols
  • Scattergunner: Kill 5 enemies with shotguns
  • Breacher: Kill 5 enemies with SMGs
  • Rifleman: Kill 5 enemies with assault rifles
  • Marksman: Kill 5 enemies with tactical rifles
  • Sharpshooter: Kill 5 enemies with sniper rifles
  • Bomber: Kill 5 enemies with launchers
  • Grenadier: Kill 5 enemies with grenades
  • Spotter: Mark 5 enemies that are then killed
  • Wingman: Earn 10 kill assists
  • Driver: Kill 5 enemies with ground vehicles
  • Tanker: Kill 5 enemies with siege vehicles
  • Pilot: Kill 5 enemies with aircraft
  • Wheelman: Earn 5 driver assists
  • Gunner: Kill 5 enemies with mounted turrets
  • Heavy: Kill 5 enemies with detached turrets
  • Saboteur: Destroy 5 enemy vehicles
  • Bodyguard: Save 5 allies by killing their attacker

Multi-kill medals

Halo infinite medals list multi-kills
© 343 Industries

The following Halo Infinite medals are earned by scoring multiple kills within a short time frame of one another. By far the toughest medals to earn in traditional matches, you’ll likely need to play custom game types or get lucky in Big Team Battle games to net high kill counts here.

  • Double Kill: Kill 2 enemies in quick succession
  • Triple Kill: Kill 3 enemies in quick succession
  • Overkill: Kill 4 enemies in quick succession
  • Killtacular: Kill 5 enemies in quick succession
  • Killtrocity: Kill 6 enemies in quick succession
  • Killamanjaro: Kill 7 enemies in quick succession
  • Killtastrophe: Kill 8 enemies in quick succession
  • Killpocalypse: Kill 9 enemies in quick succession
  • Killionaire: Kill 10 enemies in quick succession

Killing spree medals

Halo Infinite medals list killing spree
© 343 Industries

These Halo Infinite medals are earned by securing multiple kills in a single life. That means consecutive kills without any deaths. It doesn’t matter how quickly you earn them, but you’ll probably have to move fast if you’re hoping for 20+ kills in a single game of Slayer.

  • Killing Spree: Kill 5 enemies without dying
  • Killing Frenzy: Kill 10 enemies without dying
  • Running Riot: Kill 15 enemies without dying
  • Rampage: Kill 20 enemies without dying
  • Nightmare: Kill 25 enemies without dying
  • Boogeyman: Kill 30 enemies without dying
  • Grim Reaper: Kill 35 enemies without dying
  • Demon: Kill 40 enemies without dying
  • Killjoy: End an enemy’s killing spree

Skill-based medals

Halo Infinite medals list skill
© 343 Industries

The medals below all require the player to kill or affect enemies in a specific manner. It’s a huge and extremely varied set which includes multiple detections to shutting down Energy Sword lunges. We’ve listed them in alphabetical order in case there’s a specific one you’re hunting for a weekly challenge.

  • Achilles Spine: Kill an enemy with Overshield active by hitting them from behind with melee
  • Autopilot Engaged: Kill the enemy driver of a moving vehicle with a sniper rifle
  • Back Smack: Kill an enemy by hitting them from behind with melee
  • Ballista: Kill an enemy with a Skewer from far away
  • Bank Shot: Kill an enemy with a ricochet
  • Boom Block: Block an incoming projectile by deploying a Drop Wall
  • Bulltrue: Save yourself or an ally by interrupting an enemy’s Energy Sword lunge
  • Chain Reaction: Kill an enemy with a shock chain
  • Cluster Luck: Kill 2 or more enemies with a grenade
  • Death Race: Splatter 2+ enemies with a single boost in a Ghost
  • Dogfight: Destroy an enemy aircraft while in one yourself
  • Fire & Forget: Kill an enemy with an M41 SPNKr from far away
  • Grand Slam: Kill 2+ enemies with a single Gravity Hammer swing
  • Guardian Angel: Save an ally’s life from far away
  • Hail Mary: Kill an enemy with a grenade from far away
  • Harpoon: Grapple a distant enemy
  • Interlinked: Kill 4 enemies with a single chain
  • Kong: Kill an enemy by throwing a Fusion Coil
  • Mind the Gap: Kill an enemy by sending them to their death with the Repulsor
  • Nade Shot: Headshot an enemy immediately after damaging them with a grenade
  • Ninja: Kill an enemy by leaping over them and hitting them from behind with melee
  • No Scope: Kill an enemy with a sniper rifle without zooming
  • Nuclear Football: Catch an enemy-thrown Fusion Coil
  • Odin’s Raven: Detect 3 or more enemies with a single Threat Sensor
  • Pancake: Kill an enemy by flattening them with the Repulsor
  • Perfect: Kill an enemy with a precision weapon with peak efficiency
  • Pull: Kill an enemy with a sniper rifle after they’ve been launched by a Man Cannon
  • Quigley: Kill 2 or more enemies with a single S7 Sniper round
  • Remote Detonation: Kill an enemy by shooting a grenade
  • Return To Sender: Kill an enemy by deflecting their projectile
  • Reversal: Kill an enemy who attacked you first
  • Rideshare: Deliver the objective carrier to the objective after driving a great distance
  • Skyjack: Hijack an enemy aircraft
  • Sneak King: Kill a camouflaged enemy by hitting them from behind with melee
  • Snipe: Headshot an enemy with a sniper rifle
  • Splatter: Kill an enemy by hitting them with a vehicle
  • Stick: Kill an enemy by sticking them with a Plasma or Spike Grenade
  • Tag & Bag: Kill 2 or more enemies while revealing them with the Threat Sensor
  • Whiplash: Kill a grappling enemy
  • Windshield Wiper: Kill an enemy attempting to hijack a vehicle

Game mode medals

These Halo Infinite medals are earned by performing certain tasks in each of Halo Infinite’s game modes. Most encourage you to play the objective, though some are extremely niche, such as Flag Joust.

  • All That Juice: Secure 3 Power Seeds in quick succession
  • Always Rotating: Capture all zones in a single life
  • Clock Stop: Stop the enemy from scoring their final points by capturing a zone in Strongholds
  • Flag Joust: Kill an enemy flag carrier while holding a flag
  • Flawless Victory: Win every round of a game with 3+ rounds
  • Fumble: Kill the enemy Oddball carrier within moments of their victory
  • Goal Line Stand: Kill the enemy Oddball carrier within moments of their victory
  • Perfection: Win a game with 15+ kills and no deaths
  • Power Outrage: Steal 3 Power Seeds in quick succession
  • Steaktacular: Win a game by dominating the enemy team
  • Stopped Short: Kill an enemy flag carrier who is about to score
  • Straight Balling: Carry the Oddball for 1 minute

Style medals

Halo Infinite medals list multiplayer style
© 343 Industries

And finally, the fun. Halo Infinite’s style medals are awarded for performing various actions – often entertaining ones – in the middle of matches. And yes, as you’ll see below, you do get rewarded for spinning in a circle before landing a killing blow.

  • 360: Kill an enemy by shooting them immediately after spinning around
  • Combat Evolved: Catch a power weapon that was blasted off of a Weapon Pad with a Plasma Grenade
  • Deadly Catch: Grapple a weapon or object to you and immediately kill an enemy with it
  • Driveby: Earn a Double Kill as a passenger
  • Fastball: Kill an enemy with the impact from a thrown grenade
  • Flyin’ High: Achieve a massive jump in a fully-loaded vehicle
  • From the Grave: Kill an enemy after you die
  • Grapple Jack: Grapple to and hijack an enemy vehicle
  • Hold This: Kill an enemy immediately after dropping a weapon using your remaining gun
  • Last Shot: Kill an enemy with your magazine’s last round
  • Lawnmower: Destroy an enemy vehicle with the wheels of a Brute Chopper
  • Mount Up: Assemble a fully-loaded vehicle of 2 or more allies after honking the horn
  • Mounted & Loaded: Earn a Double Kill with a stationary turret
  • Off the Rack: Kill an enemy with a weapon immediately upon retrieving it from its spawn location
  • Party’s Over: Destroy a fully-loaded enemy Razorback
  • Pineapple Express: Kill an enemy with a grenade as a passenger
  • Quick Draw: Kill an enemy with a pistol immediately after switching to it
  • Ramming Speed: Destroy an enemy vehicle by hitting it with your own
  • Reclaimer: Hijack an enemy vehicle that was once yours
  • Shot Caller: Headshot an enemy moments after Marking them
  • Special Delivery: Kill an enemy with a Man Cannon or Grav Lift boosted grenade
  • Street Sweeper: Kill an enemy with the CQS48 Bulldog as a passenger
  • Yard Sale: Kill an enemy who had a Power weapon and a full inventory

That was a full list of all medals in Halo Infinite. Earning them all is going to take a lot of time, quite a bit of skill, and ever more luck. For more Halo Infinite guides, explore our hub page to take a look at useful guides and handy tips for multiplayer.

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