7 purrfect video game cats

Games just wouldn't be the same without these memorable felines.

Cats are unique, mysterious creatures capable of making wonderfully entertaining pets, as indicated by the wealth of funny cat videos and memes available online. Not only do they grace our homes with their quirky presence, they also leave a lasting mark on the video game realm. 

With the creative freedom developers are given, cats are able to occupy diverse roles in games that help them stand out – or in some cases, blend in. While there aren't as many cats in games as there are dogs, the cats that you do encounter are often visually striking and full of personality.

For example, we couldn't imagine The Elder Scrolls series without the enigmatic Khajiit, and Monster Hunter just wouldn't be the same without its adorable little Palicoes. To celebrate the majestic creature that is the cat, we thought it'd be fun to look at 7 "purrfect" felines in video games who captured our hearts... and our wallets (looking at you, Khajiit). 

Khajiit – The Elder Scrolls Series

Khajiit has wares, if you have coin.
© Bethesda

Over the years, the Khajiit have become a recognizable staple in The Elder Scrolls series, and for good reason. They’re intelligent, cunning, and incredibly useful if you need to sell or purchase items. Utilizing a sort of roving caravan, players will have little trouble locating the Khajiit and exchanging coin for wares.

Additionally, should you opt to play them as a race, you’ll be able to take advantage of their natural stealth, agility, and mischievious thievery. While the Khajiit may have a bit of a bad reputation in Tamriel, we can’t help but love them all the same. As long as you don't turn your back on a Khajiit, you'll get along with them just fine. 

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