Everything shown at the December 2021 Indie World Direct

Every trailer and game announcement from the showcase!

The Nintendo Indie World Direct just happened and we have a roundup of everything shown! Here is every trailer, game, and surprise announcement!

Sea of Stars

A JRPG in The Messenger universe. The trailer shown during today’s showcase had an emphasis on combat and a little bit of the worldbuilding for the game.


Developed by Underscore, Aliisha - The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses is a Nintendo Switch console exclusive coming in Spring 2022. Using touch controls, split your time between two different sisters solving puzzles.

Loco Motive

Developed by Robust Games, is a classic 2d style point-and-click adventure game. There has been a murder on this train, and it’s up to you to figure out who did it.

Dungeon Munchies

Dungeon Munchies is out now! What if you had to dungoneer in caves filled with food-based monsters? Well, Dungeon Munchies will have you cooking up these foes to make new abilities for your character to keep going.

Figment 2: Creed Valley

A 3D musical-based puzzle game coming to the Nintendo Switch in February 2022.

Let’s Play Oink Games

A set of board games made playable on the Nintendo Switch. It’s out now, with online multiplayer!

Endling: Extinction is Forever

Have you ever wanted to make moral choices as a mother fox? Well know is your chance. Developer Herobeat Studios has crafted a world where it’s up to you to help your cubs survive this harsh world. The game launches in Spring 2022.

Olli Olli World

Skate, cruise, and grind down the colorful and vibrant world. This trailer showed off some new environments and even showcased the pre-order bonuses for the game. Olli Olli World launches on February 8, 2022.

River City Girls 2

Wayforward announced River City Girls 2 back in June and we have been anticipating its release since. This latest trailer shows off plenty of combat and some of the new characters that are being added to the game. River City Girls 2 launches Summer 2022.

Montage Games

There was also a montage of games that went by so fast our eyeballs almost couldn’t keep up!

  • Chicory A Colorful Tale: Available today
  • Parkaurus: Spring 2022
  • Baby Storm: January 21, 2022
  • GRIME: Summer 2022
  • Gerda: A Flame in Winter: 2022
  • Timelie: Available today
  • Behind the Frame: the Finest Scenery: Spring 2022


The final game shown today was the hit PC cult classic Omori. The game comes to Nintendo Switch Summer 2022.

Well, that’s everything that was shown during the Nintendo Indie World Direct today. What was your favorite announcement of the show? Be sure to let us know!

Jesse has been in the industry for almost a decade writing about Destiny, FFXIV, and whatever other live-service game he can get his hands on.  


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