The best of the best of the year: Our end-of-year roundup hub

All the gaming highlights from 2021 in one place.

2021, eh? What a wild/brilliant/terrible/so-so [delete as appropriate] year. We’ve had own our ups and downs, and so has the video game industry. Fortunately, amid the pandemonium of a terrifying pandemic, the year behind us has also offered us some standout moments – for better or worse. We’ve spent the last few weeks rounding up 2021’s highlights, with everything from musical bops to mischievous bugs. Below, you’ll find our best of the best of the year roundup. Simply click the links to launch yourself through memory lane as we recap 2021's finest and funniest moments.

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The best games you might have missed

It’s easy to get caught up in the hyper of massive AAA titles like Halo Infinite. But 2021 had far, far more to offer once you looked past the usual suspect. Find out which games shouldn’t be lost in your backlog with our roundup of the best games you might have missed from 2021.

The coolest (and most ridiculous) gaming collabs of 2021

No, it’s not a Fortnite list, we promise. With anniversaries aplenty, 2021 saw video game companies partnering with all sorts of fashion and jewellery brands to pump out expensive memorabilia that was sometimes stylish but often just a bit silly. Here’s a look back at some of the coolest and most ridiculous gaming collabs from 2021, including crystal pikachus and Sonic the Hedgehog cologne (yes, really)

The most entertaining bugs of 2021

Normally we want our games to work – they cost quite a bit of money, after all! But, ever so often, a game releases with bugs so numerous or so nonsensical that we can’t help but celebrate them. Here’s our recap of 2021’s most entertaining bugs, including gravity-defying hovercraft and some unflattering close-up camera shots.

The best supported games of 2021

New releases steal the thunder when it comes to awards, but in this modern age of Games As A Service titles, we’ve also got to hand it to the teams that keep on giving. When they were released doesn’t matter. These well-supported games received the most impressive and impactful updates that kept us coming back for more in 2021.

The best video game music of 2021

They’re bangers, they slap, and there’s more than one bop in the midst. You already know that video game music is ace, but which tunes were we slamming on 10 hour loops in 2021? Read our picks for the best video game music of 2021. Be warned, you’ll need another 12 months to get them out of your head again.

The best video game environments of 2021

When it comes to immersion, some games are just worlds apart from the rest – often quite literally! 2021 has been a year in which many of us have been desperate for escapism. You know things are rough when you’d rather submit yourself to a haunted dollhouse than face someone coughing at you on the train. So whether it was planets, islands, or just a single home, these were the video game environments we enjoyed losing ourselves in during 2021.

The best esports events of 2021

Esports competitions have staged somewhat of a recovery this year after 2020 saw everything pushed online. It’s taken time to adapt, but 2021 saw a wealth of thrilling events held both in person and across the internet. Prepare yourself for ganks, clutches, and flickshots galore as we look back on our favorite esports events from 2021.

The biggest games coming in 2022

And finally, a look ahead. 2021? That’s so last year. The early months of 2022 are already looking stacked with video game releases, and there’s plenty to enjoy across the genres. It’s time to get pumped for another year of gaming as we round up the biggest releases coming in 2022.

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