Epic Games Store offers endless $10 discounts

The Epic Coupon can be applied to discount as many games as meet the price requirements.

The Epic Games Store is offering a wealth of repeatable discounts, allowing users to save $10/£10 on all eligible games.

The only requirement put in place is that the game in question must cost at least $14.99 / £13.99 once any other sale discounts have been applied.

All you need to take advantage of the sale is to have signed up for an Epic Games account. There’s no need to apply the Epic Games Store $10 voucher, as it’ll be automatically added to every eligible game in your basket when you head to the checkout. Just make sure the games in question meet the price limit and you’ll see $10/£10 chopped off their price tag when preparing to purchase. One restriction comes from the fact that the Epic Games Store has a limit of 50 games in your shopping cart. That doesn't mean you need to stop scoring deals there, however.

Epic Games Store $10 discount deal

Once you complete the transaction, your account should be gifted another $10/£10 voucher, allowing you to apply the same deal as many times as you like. As a result of the deal, the Epic Games Store has been struggling under the excessive load of everyone trying to scoop up deals. Thankfully, there’s no need to rush. The offer is sticking around until January 6, so you’ve got several weeks to find the offers you’re looking for. The system is fairly straightforward, but for any further details on the offer, check Epic Games' breakdown

Epic Games Store $10 discount how to apply
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In addition to the discount detailed above, the Epic Games Store has an ongoing holiday sale offering discounts on a range of titles. Those with Epic Games accounts can also claim a free game every day for 15 days. We don’t know what’s coming each day, so you’ll need to open the store to learn what you can download. First up for December 17 is Shenmue 3, the long-awaited followup to the martial arts saga from Ys Net.

To recap, Epic Games Store is offering $10 / £10 off any games priced $14.99 / $13.99 or more until January 6.

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