The best speedruns to catch up on at AGDQ 2022

Now the speedrunning event is over, here are the must-see runs from AGDQ 2022. Blink and you'll miss them!

Another year, another record-setting donation delivered by Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ). This year's speedrunning marathon put $3.4 million of cash donations in the hands of the Prevent Cancer Foundation, with another $3 million in Twitch subs, bits and sponsorships to follow. But if you didn't have time to catch any of the great runs at this year's event (and who could blame you, some of them were over before you could blink) then we've rounded up the best of them here. Here are the must-watch speedruns at AGDQ 2022.

The best runs at AGDQ 2022

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Blindfold)

If you only have time to watch one run from AGDQ 2022, make it the blindfolded Sekiro run from the final night. A truly remarkable achievement from Mitchriz, coming in well under estimate at just two hours, showing up just how terrible we all are at this game. The run was so good it almost single-handedly brought in the stretch donations needed to get Deltarune onto the schedule. In fact, if you have a little more time, just watch the entirety of the marathon from Sekiro onwards, Portal 2, Deltarune and Metal Gear Solid to close out made the finale a great time.


A two-player twist on the map-guessing time-waster, Havrd and Janmumrik do incredibly well to get each other's positions down within just 40 minutes. Great for a lunchtime distraction, and enough to make you think you have a chance at mastering GeoGuessR too.

It Takes Two

A wildly fun two-player run with itzbytes and whoishyper having a great time the whole way. Most of their skips work out first time, so they get a really good momentum going.


Lots of movement and route optimizing for Arkane's open-approach stealth assassination checklist make this a fun run for those who have already finished Deathloop their own way. It's impressive what you can get done when you aren't blundering around trying to work out what time someone appears in a location.

Metal Gear Solid 2 (Tanker, Blindfold)

As with Sekiro, it's always impressive watching someone do what took you hours without the use of their eyes. Great commentary while the runner is focusing on their audio cues, really gets you in the mindset of what's needed once there's no longer any screen to help you out.

Kena Bridge of Spirits

Very informative run, and ends in a World Record! Always great to see. Runner Insertlogic walks you through all the glitches and time saves, plus a very chill and comfortable world to watch whizz by.

Super Mario Galaxy (Race)

Both runners end just 15 seconds apart across a 2.5 hour run, making this race a real nail-biter with plenty of trading places for pole position throughout. Pick one to root for and feel the pressure build through one of speedrunning's true Grand Prix games.


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