Horizon Forbidden West Raccoon locations

Learn where to find Raccoons in Horizon Forbidden West so you can upgrade your arrow pouch.

One of the first animals Aloy is Raccoons in Horizon Forbidden West. These hide of these furry creatures can be used to upgrade your Hunter Bow arrow pouch, making Raccoon locations vital to know early. Below, we’ll explain where to find Raccoons in Horizon Forbidden West so you can pack more pointy bits in your quiver.

Horizon Forbidden West Raccoon locations

Horizon Forbidden West Raccoon locations map
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You can find Raccoons in almost all woodland biome regions in Horizon Forbidden West, most of which are found to the east and north of the map. By far the best place to locate them, however, is in The Daunt. The starting area provides most of the animals you’ll need to complete early upgrades, including Boars, Jays, and Squirrels. It might feel mean, but you’d do well to shoot as many as you can see.

We recommend searching the area marked on the map above. The hills just to the east of Chainscrape are a great Raccoon location in Horizon Forbidden West. They tend to appear later during the day, so stick around and fast travel between campfires outside Chainscrape until you’re lucky enough to run across some.

When you’re in the right area, use your Focus (R3) to enter a scanning mode and tag any Raccoons in the nearby area. They’re not particularly shy, but they are small enough that it’s easy to miss them when riding or running through the environment.

Where to find Raccoons in horizon forbidden west
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If you’re not having any luck in The Daunt, you can also find Raccoons in the hilly forests to the north of Plainsong, as shown in the image above. If you’ve already left The Daunt and don’t feel like fast traveling back, this is another great region to explore. Be wary of ambushy by Tenakth Rebels, however.

Bear in mind that when you kill a Raccoon, it’s down to chance which items you obtain from the body. Rarer purple loot will be indicated by matching color on the loot icon when scanned by your Focus. Once you grab the gear you need, head over to a Workbench and swap to the Pouch tab to upgrade your arrow capacity. 

Horizon Forbidden West Where to find raccoons
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You’ll need plenty more wildlife resources to upgrade your pouches as you progress through the game, meaning you’d do well to set jobs for each one early on. Pick the weapons and tracks you like and focus on those first.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Raccoon locations in Horizon Forbidden West. For more useful tips early in your adventures, check out our beginners guide! We’ve got plenty more guides on our hub page for the game that can help you get around and gear up.

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