Elden Ring: Grave Glovewort locations

Learn the best places to find Grave Gloveworts and Ghost Gloveworts in Elden Ring so you can upgrade your Spirit Ashes.

In Elden Ring, Spirit Ashes will serve as stalwart, if dispensable, companions across the myriad boss battles you’ll face. But to make the most of these spectral allies, you’ll need to upgrade Spirit Ashes using Grave Gloveworts or Ghost Gloveworts. Both plants are a rare resource that doesn’t respawn, meaning tracking them down can be tricky. We’ve rounded up the best Grave Glovewort locations and Ghost Glovewort locations for Elden Ring’s opening stages below so you can boost your favorite spirits to higher levels.

Elden Ring: Ghost and Grave Glovewort locations map

Elden Ring ghost and grave glovewort locations map
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Grave Gloworts are used to upgrade standard Spirit Ashes, while Ghost Gloveworts are used to upgrade Renowned Spirit Ashes. If you’ve not done so already, we recommend picking up the best early game Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring before you start spending this key upgrade materials. You’ll also need to have spoken with Roderika and the Roundtable Blacksmith to unlock Spirit Ashes upgrades.

Thankfully, both Grave Glovewort and Ghost Gloveworts are found in the same type of location: Underground Tombs, also known as catacombs. These are dotted all over Elden Ring’s map, typically in the side of cliff walls. Several in the early Limgrave and Liurnia regions offer a large number of Ghost and Grave Gloveworts to collect, so we’ve highlighted them below.

Limgrave Ghost and Grave Glovewort locations

Elden ring grave glovewort locations limgrave ghost glovewort
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Limgrave has three main underground tombs you can raid for an early supply of Gloveworts. Stormfoot Catacombs is northwest of the Church of Elleh and includes the first level of both Grave Glovewort and Ghost Glovewort upgrade materials.

Next up is Murkwater Catacombs, found at the end of the river leading north from Lake Agheel. This also a Grave Glovewort (1) and Ghost Glovewort (1) location. You can also snag some Grave Glovewort from Murkwater Cave, the location of the merchant Patches on the way here

Finally, Deathtouched Catacombs to the north of the Limgrave region is another Grave Glovewort location. Visiting all of these will secure you plenty +1 upgrades for your early Spirit Ashes.

Weeping Peninsula Ghost and Grave Glovewort locations

Elden Ring Glovewort locations map weeping peninsula
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Shifting south to Weeping Peninsula, two Catacombs await. The Tombsward Catacombs are south of the Church of Pilgrimage, and contain Grave Glovewort (2) along with the first tiers of both.

For another Glovewort location in Elden Ring, visit the northeast Impaler’s Catacombs to snag some Ghost Glovewort (2) and Grave Glovewort (2).

Liurnia Ghost and Grave Glovewort locations

Elden Ring Ghost Glovewort locations map liurnia
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Shifting north to Liurnia, three more catacombs await. The first, Cliffbottom Catacombs, can be found down a slope in the southeast corner of the region. This is your first chance to grab Ghost Glovewort (3) and Grave Glovewort (3), along with some more of the second tier.

On the west side of the map, another slope leads down to Road’s End Catacombs southwest of Revenger’s Shack. Inside you can snag more tier two Glovewort locations along with Grave Glovewort (3). Keep an eye out for the illusory walls here and check our Spirit-Caller Snail guide if you’re struggling with the boss!

Managed to fight through the terrifying finger spiders to beat Royal Knight Loretta in Caria Manor and you can access the Behind Caria Manor Site of Grace. Follow this area around to the right and you'll enter a graveyard sprinkled with Grave Gloveworts to collect.

Finally, far up in the northwest of the region are the Black Knife Catacombs. These contain a wealth of higher-tier Gloveworts to get, including Grave Glovewort (4). This location is a key part of Sorcerer Rogier’s quest, and contains an optional boss for you to discover!

Caelid Ghost and Grave Glovewort locations

Elden Ring Grave glovewort locations map caelid
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Over in the deadly east of Caelid, two more Grave Glovewort locations await. Thankfully, both are in the west of the region, making them a touch easier to visit. First up are the Minor Erdtree Catacombs, where you can find Grave Glovewort (5) and lower. 

Follow the path to the south and just east of the Cathedral of Dragon Communion you’ll find the Caelid Catacombs. Along with yet another Cemetary Shade, you can find more Grave Glovewort locations here.

Those are all the Elden Ring Grave Glovewort and Ghost Glovewort locations we’ve found so far, but we’ll do our best to expand our maps once we’ve explored more of the game. Make sure you check out our list of the best Spirit Ashes to grab early so you can power up some serious allies early in your Erdtree adventures. And while you're exploring, pick up the best Ashes of War in Elden Ring to assist you in securing the Glovewort locations.

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