Monster Hunter World guide: How to get Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy's armor

How to craft Aloy's armor from Horizon Zero Dawn in Monster Hunter World.

The second part of Monster Hunter World's crossover event with Horizon Zero Dawn is now on, and offers you the chance to get hold of Aloy's Nora armor set. The Proving timed event is on from now until March 14 at 6:59PM ET / 3:59PM PT so you'll need to work pretty quickly to craft Aloy's armor for your hunter. So boot up your PS4 and let's go hunt down what we need to make some fancy primitive future clothes. Quick heads up, though: you'll also need to know how to get an Anjanath gem which is devilishly hard.

How to get Horizon Zero Dawn armor in Monster Hunter World

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Luckily the process for getting the armor is pretty straightforward, but it will be pretty tough thanks to some harsh RNG. Go to the quest board or your handler and find the Events tab, in there you'll see the quest called The Proving. A few weeks ago it was an arena challenge to slay some little drakes while a Tzitzi flashed you a lot. This time around your quarry is a little bigger.

To unlock the Horizon Zero Dawn armor you'll need to be Hunter Rank 11 and have to hunt down an Anjanath in the Ancient Forest within 50 minutes. That means you can kill or capture the big pink T-Rex, but you've got to do it in less than 50 minutes. Your reward will be some of the usual Anjanath materials, but also a "Nora Brave Trophy" or two (depending on how lucky you get). You'll need to keep doing this one quest until you have four Nora Brave Trophies to unlock Aloy's Horizon Zero Dawn armor, crafted as a full set. You'll also need all the crafting items listed below, and if you're having trouble finding how to get Anjanath gems in Monster Hunter World then we can help you out with that, too.

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The Aloy armor set has the following skills associated with each of the pieces:

  • Affinity Sliding Level 1
  • Marathon Runner Level 2
  • Weakness Exploit Level 1
  • Stealth Level 2
  • Slinger Capacity Level 2

Depending on if you have two or four pieces of the set equipped, the following set bonuses will apply:

  • Two pieces: Anjanath’s Will Adrenaline: Temporarily reduces stamina depletion when health is at 40% or lower
  • Four pieces: Anjanath’s Will Stamina Cap: Increases stamina cap

That stamina cap can be a godsend when chasing after prey in high rank quests, so consider keeping this set on hand if the elemental weaknesses don't pose a problem. Best of luck, Brave Hunters!


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