Look even faster in GRID Legends with HyperX Pulsefire Haste-inspired livery

It won't make your car as light as the ultralight Haste, but it'll definitely look a lot faster in fetching HyperX red.

If you’re the kind of person who loves the rush of speed, but doesn’t love the points on your license or the astronomically expensive auto insurance that typically come along with the ride, racing games are a godsend.

In GRID Legends, you can virtually climb into the cockpit of some of the world’s finest high-performance machines and push them to their limits. When they get that feeling of speed and control JUST right, racing games can be some of the most addictive games out there.

The fifth game in Codemasters’ GRID franchise has gotten the formula down. Whether you’re racing open-wheel, touring car, or even big rigs, the roar of the engine, the sense of speed, the tension in the race, all of it is so well done, you can feel it even just by watching the clips.

If you’ve enjoyed the realistic tension of racing in past iterations of the game, the team at Codemasters has found another avenue to build upon that – narrative tension. That’s right, GRID Legends includes a very robust story mode called “Driven to Glory” that includes actors, rivals, and you, as “Number 22,” the newcomer ready to take the world by storm.

HyperX has teamed up with Codemasters to add a special treat for fans of GRID and HyperX. We’ve got a special HyperX livery included in the game! Taking stylistic cues from the speedy, ultralight HyperX Pulsefire Haste, we like to think that this livery will give you some extra horsepower out on the track.

So whether you're trading paint with a rival, or chasing your own PB in the time trials, you can look just as hot as your home rig setup. See you on the tarmac, #HyperXFamily!

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