Midnight Ghost Hunt is a superbly chaotic prop hunt horror game

A spirited spin on hide and seek.

One of several unusual offspring birthed from the messy physics sandbox of Garry’s Mod, prop hunt never really got a fair shot as a full-on game mode. Fortnite and Genshin Impact may have toyed with the concept, but neither breathed fresh life into the format. 

It turns out, however, that life is the exact opposite of what was required. Midnight Ghost Hunt dives directly into the grave to dig up its own unique and sensationally silly take on prop hunt's core format. Prepare yourself for hide and spook.

Midnight ghost hunt prop hunt game
© Vaulted Sky Games

In Midnight Ghost Hunt’s rapid 4v4 matches, one side plays the role of mischievous spirits. Attempting to live their best afterlife, the ghost team has a brief window to explore the map, possess objects, and secure a hiding place. 90 seconds later, the hunters arrive, bringing with them a wealth of weapons and gadgets.

Unlike in traditional prop hunt, hunters here have plenty of tools at their disposal to track down their phantom prey. A radar meter will spike up in the near vicinity, while a parabolic mic picks up haunting frequencies when pointed in the right direction. If a ghost hides in place for too long, ectoplasm will build up, making them easier to locate. Identify a target and it’s time to unleash the pain, whether that’s via a salt shotgun or straight up sledgehammer. 

The ghosts, however, aren’t defenseless. Along with the ability to rapidly zip between different objects within range, they come equipped with a power aimed to distract, escape, or deal damage back. There’s a huge degree of creativity on display with abilities. Telekinesis can hurl objects at unwelcome hunters, traps can freeze in place or cause damaged objects to explode, and apparitions can be unleashed that fake a fleeing ghost. It's silly rather than scary, but we dare you not to shout when a toilet comes careering into your face unexpectedly as you turn a corner.

As such, the jig is far from up when a ghost is discovered. A madcap race inevitably breaks out in a cacophony of distraction and misdirection. The fleeing ghost can slam shut doors, flit between objects, and fire off powers to cause as much chaos as possible. They may not escape, but they could just slow the hunters down just enough. Every second wasted chasing is precious time lost from the in-game timer.

Should even a single ghost evade capture until five minutes have passed, the hunters are in trouble. As the clock strikes midnight, the ghostly contingent returns, powered up in red and ready for revenge. The positions are flipped and the hunters must fend off the aggressive spirits or flee until evac arrives.

midnight ghost hunt prop hunt game
© Vaulted Sky Games

The format is already a winner – watching a possessed teacup desperately free a barrage of plasma fire is inherently funny. But it’s the extra touches that really sell Midnight Ghost Hunt. For the ghosts, props aren’t just hiding places; they’re also opportunities. 

Possess a suit of armor and you can swing its sword in a surprise attack. A T-Rex skull can chomp down on probing hands. Snag yourself a gargoyle and you can glide after taking flight. Even the humble door can be turned into a deadly weapon when slammed shut with smart timing.

Midnight Ghost Hunt understands just how ridiculous prop hunt is and leans into it. More importantly, it doesn’t rely solely on already accepted staples. Provided the hunter and ghost powers can be kept in balance, we’re eager to see how this horror-packed prop hunt progresses toward full release.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is available on PC via Steam.

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Henry Stenhouse serves an eternal punishment as the Associate Editor of AllGamers. He spent his younger life studying the laws of physics, even going so far as to complete a PhD in the subject before video games stole his soul. Confess your love of Super Smash Bros. via email at henry@moonrock.biz, or catch him on Twitter.

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