Elden Ring: Heretical Rise puzzle guide

Learn where falling snow marks something unseen to access the Heretical Rise in Elden Ring.

In the Mountaintop of the Giants, you’ll find Elden Ring’s Heretical Rise puzzle. Another locked tower, another puzzle solution to obtain. This one is a little different, however, and will force you to travel a bit. In this guide we’ll explain how to solve the Heretical Rise puzzle in Elden Ring so you can access the powerful sorcery hidden within. Falling snow marks something unseen, but with our tips you'll find the way to the answer.

Elden Ring: Heretical Rise puzzle guide

Elden Ring Heretical Rise puzzle guide
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Reach Heretical Rise in Elden Ring and you’ll be given the following message from the statue nearby: 

“Falling snow marks something unseen”

Useful advice, but only if you know where to look. Behind the Heretical Rise tower it’s possible to see a broken bridge fragment on the cliffside to the north. To solve the Heretical Rise puzzle, that’s where we need to go.

Elden Ring Heretical Rise puzzle solution falling snow marks something unseen
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Travel to the position marked above and ride onto the bridge chunk behind the two skeleton archers. There is an invisible bridge ahead of you here which you can ride across to reach the Heretical Rise tower on the opposite side. 

Be careful, though, as it isn’t a straight line. You might think that you need to look for the snow falling onto it from above, but in our case, it wasn’t stopped by the bridge. Instead, look for small patches of white mist spawning along the ground of the invisible bridge – these will mark your path. 

Elden Ring how to solve the heretical rise puzzle
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You need to head in a straight line, then turn left toward the end as the path travels upward and into the balcony of the tower. Take it slow and look for messages left by other players or the snowy mist to guide your way.

Once you’ve solved the Heretical Rise puzzle in Elden Ring, you can climb into and up the tower for your reward. Watch out for the avionette enemies in the first room and one more marionette once you take the lift upwards. 

Elden Ring Heretical Rise puzzle reward item
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Reach the top and you can get the Founding Rain of Stars sorcery as a prize. It’s an interesting one which summons a cloud of stars to fall from above around you.

That’s all there is to know about how to solve the Heretical Rise puzzle in Elden Ring. Nearby you can also find the Stargazers' Ruins which require a unique solution to open up for your reward. The good news? We've got a guide to the Stargazers' Ruins seal here. Be sure to check out our other tower guides as well, including Chelona’s Rise and the Mirage Rise, so you can secure all the rewards hidden within. 

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