Pikmin Bloom Earth Day event will bring nature-themed Decor items

Collect stag and acorn outfits for your Pikmin on April 22.

Earth Day, taking place on April 22, is a chance to celebrate and recognize environmental protection. This year, Niantic’s mobile walking game Pikmin Bloom will celebrate Earth Day with a special event that boosts the appearance of certain items.

The Pikmin Bloom Earth Day event will run from April 21 - 23. In a press release sent out to players, Niantic revealed that the event will boost the appearance of unique nature-themed Decor items any pikmin you find and grow can acquire.

“During this event, when you walk outside of your usual path, you may find a Huge Seedling marked with a ‘Special Event’ icon,” the release explains. “This seedling will grow into a ‘Stag Beetle’ or an ‘Acorn’ Decor Pikmin, to go with the forest theme.”

Pikmin Bloom earth day event
© Niantic

Pikmin Bloom limits players to just one Special Event seedling at a time, encouraging players to get out there and start walking over the course of the days if they want to collect all the Decor outfits. The event will also reduce the cost of Special Slots by 25% for its duration.

Pikmin Bloom’s Earth Day event is followed directly by a Community Day which takes place on April 23. The Community day will see Big Flowers bloom into Tulips when players plant regular colored petals, seedling growth will be boosted by 1.5x the usual rate, and players can earn a Tulip Flower Badge if they meet their 10,000 step goal on the day. Bonus coins will also be awarded for flower planting – one per 250 flowers instead of one per 500.

Pikmin Bloom also recently announced the addition of Sushi Decor items for pikmin collected near sushi restaurants. Find out more here.

Will you be heading outside to walk during the Pikmin Bloom Earth Day event? Wherever you are in the world, here’s hoping the weather proves good enough to let you enjoy the outside!

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