Every VR game shown during the Meta Quest gaming showcase

Ghostbusters, Among Us, NFL and more join the VR world in the Meta Quest showcase announcements.

The Meta Quest gaming showcase dropped a bunch of hot trailers into our laps last night, leaving us eager to climb back into our goggles and enter more of these virtual worlds.

Among the games shown off was a fresh look at party game staple Among Us, a working title for a Ghostbusters game that looks spooky, scary and brilliant, as well as the surprise arrival of Resi 4's Mercenaries mode in VR, which is available in a free update today.

You can check out more of the games show off at the Meta Quest gaming showcase below, with every trailer rounded up in one easy-to-binge list for your hungry eyeballs. Which worlds are you looking forward to getting lost in next?

All trailers at the Meta Quest gaming showcase

Ghostbusters VR

Among Us VR

Moss: Book 2

Resident Evil 4: The Mercenaries


The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2

Red Matter 2

Espire 2


Cities: VR

Beat Saber: Electronic Mixtape



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