How to bowl strikes in Nintendo Switch Sports Bowling

A consistent and repeatable method to score strikes in Nintendo Switch Sports Bowling.

Jumping into Nintendo Switch Sports Bowling online can be a daunting experience. Players will score strikes like nothing as they blast their way into the final, meaning your first few bowls are absolutely pivotal. Fortunately, there’s a simple process that can be easily repeated for how to bowl strikes in Nintendo Switch Sports on each and every throw. If you’re looking to deliver the perfect game, we’d highly recommend following the steps below.

How to bowl strikes in Nintendo Switch Sports

How to bowl strikes Nintendo Switch Sports
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While you can bowl strikes in Nintendo Switch Sports using a range of methods (and you’ll need to once you unlock Pro League and start playing Special Bowling), the most consistent way for the base game is to follow these steps:

  • Aim directly down the center of the bowling alley
  • Do not adjust the angle of the bowl
  • Bowl very quickly with a large motion for a lot of speed
  • Keep the Joy-Con flat to avoid applying any spin

NB: The steps above only seem to work when playing solo (online or off), not in split-screen. If you play bowling in split-screen multiplayer, we recommend aiming further to the left or right if you want to bowl straight. We're not entirely sure why the straight bowl doesn't work with 2P splits creen, but don't ruin your scores trying it there!

Nintendo Switch Sports how to bowl strikes easily
Here's where you should be aiming. 
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If you perform the above correctly, the bowling ball will drift very slightly to the side thanks to the subtle tilt of the lane itself. It should hit the front pin on its side, knocking down the full set as you score a strike.

The key things to keep in mind with this technique are that you need to get the positioning dead center, bowl with a lot of speed, and avoid applying any spin to the bowl. Nail all three and you’re pretty much guaranteed a strike.

How to get strikes nintendo switch sports bowling
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It takes a little practice to get the speed and positioning right every time, but even if you mess up slightly, you’ll still likely knock over nine pins and take an easy spare afterwards. Use the zoom in function to check the positioning of your aiming line over the central arrow. Take a look at the process in the gif below:

Once you’ve learned how to bowl strikes consistently in Nintendo Switch Sports, it can feel like you’ve broken the game somewhat. We’d encourage branching out to try other methods just for fun if Nintendo doesn’t patch this all-too-repeatable method.

Now that you know how to bowl strikes in Nintendo Switch Sports, why not learn about some secret techniques in the other sports on offer? Rising through the ranks in Volleyball and Soccer requires some serious effort.

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