Deathloop's photo mode is already generating incredible shots

Colt on camera.

Deathloop may not have launched with a photo mode, but it’s stylish spin on a 1960s party island definitely deserved one. Thankfully, alongside some much-needed accessibility options,  the game’s most-recent update has finally lent players a lens to toy with. 

And the game’s community has taken to the new tool like, well, a photographer to a scenic Scottish island. Spectacular shots of Colt, Juliana, and Blackreef’s mischievous visionaries have begun flooding the internet. In a rare case for virtual photography, Deathloop’s many filters and overlays only enhance the experience, lending a retro movie-poster feel to many shots. 

It’s only been a few days yet, but we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Deathloop photo mode snaps below that we’ve seen shared online.

Deathloop photo mode shinobi virtual photography

Deathloop photo mode shinobi

First up is self-described virtual photography addict Shinobi, who was actually pulled in as a consultant for the mode by developer Arkane. We can see why from their early shots shared on Twitter.

Deathloop photo mode developer shots

The Arkane development team (plus kids) have been having their own fun with photo mode too, as shared by studio co-creative director Dinga Bakaba.

Plenty of others have been playing with scenery and the trippy effects available through filters and text overlays. A choice especially fitting for capturing Blackreef’s deadly and perpetually high visionary Fia.

Deathloop photo mode capture

We’re getting real movie vibes from unashamed Wenjie fan @eiramew’s work. Maybe it’s the Van Damme split.

Deathloop photo mode disco

Juliana of course, has received plenty of attention as well, including this jaw-droppingly sleek photoshoot by virtual photographer Disco.

Have these images inspired you to hop back into Deathloop for a photo tour of the island? Lining up the perfect shot might take time, but you’ve got more than enough of that in Blackreef’s endless cycle.

If you’re interested in checking out more virtual photography, cast your eyes over the nominees for the London Game Festival’s virtual photographer of the year competition. You won’t regret it.

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