Sniper Elite 5 Kill List: How to kill Steffen Beckendorf

Learn how to kill Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5 to complete the Kill List in Mission 1: The Atlantic Wall.

In Mission 1: The Atlantic Wall, your Sniper Elite 5 Kill List target is Steffen Beckendorf, a nasty Nazi hiding towards the end of the level. Finding him can prove troublesome, however, as he likes to move around the environment. In this guide, we’ll explain how to kill Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5 so that you can set your sights on mightier targets higher up the pecking order.

Sniper Elite 5 Kill List:  How to kill Steffen Beckendorf

Sniper Elite 5 how to kill steffen beckendorf
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Steffen Beckendorf is located in the small town in the bottom left corner of Mission 1 map. It’s the same area you’ll be looking to find Marcell in. As his description notes, however, Steffen Beckendorf won’t just sit in one place. Instead, he’ll be patrolling the southern roads in a loop in small vehicle with guards. As an added bonus, the Kill Challenge for Beckendorf is to take him down with explosives.

Sniper Elite 5 Steffen Beckendorf kill list guide
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The best way to take down Steffen Beckendorf is to sneak into the town without alerting any guards. Make it to the junction just northeast of Marcell’s safehouse as marked above and you can wait for Beckendorf to drive around and park his car here. Approach from the north and either lay down mines in advance or throw a grenade/TNT toward the vehicle as it arrives and stops. This will detonate Beckendorf’s car, taking him out in an explosion.

Sniper Elite 5 kill list steffen beckendorf
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Alternatively, if you cause a ruckus within town and attract attention, you can lure Beckendorf to your location – he’ll get out of his vehicle and approach on foot if within earshot of any gunfire. Beckendorf is a Nazi officer, meaning you want to look for the officer’s uniform rather than that of a regular soldier. Protagonist Karl Fairburne will comment when you lay eyes on him, making it easy to pick him out from the rest.

Because Beckendorf moves, it can be easy to miss him entirely. But if you’re stealthy and patient, Beckendorf will drive directly into the trap you lay for him.

How to kill steffen beckendorf in sniper elite 5 kill list
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That’s all we can share about how to kill Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5 for the Mission 1 Kill List. Read our guide on how to find Marcell if you’re struggling with the next part of the mission.

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