Here's when you can watch today's Sonic Central broadcast

For a "sneak peek" at Sega's projects for the year ahead.

Sega has announced a new Sonic the Hedgehog livestream which will take place today, June 7.

We don’t know much about the broadcast yet, but Sega has stated that it’ll include “a sneak peek at some of our upcoming projects, partnerships, and events happening in 2022!”

Sonic Central June 7 times

The new Sonic Central broadcast is due to start at the following time:

  • 9am PT
  • 2pm ET
  • 5pm BST
  • 6pm CEST

To watch the show live, you'll need to head over to the Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel or Sonic Twitch channel.

The previous Sonic Central broadcast was held in May last year to announce the retro Sonic Origins collection. Later in 2021, the upcoming open-world adventure Sonic Frontiers was officially announced at The Game Awards 2021.

Sega recently showed off the first gameplay footage of Sonic Frontiers in a seven-minute IGN First video which showed Sonic exploring the mysterious Starfall Islands, scaling towers, solving puzzles, and investigating mysterious floating structures. All at high-speed, naturally.

Sega said that it’s aiming for high review scores with Sonic Frontiers, which is currently due to be released in 2022. The Sonic Origins collection release date is set for June 23.

Head to the Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube or Twitch channels at 9am PT today to find out more about Sega’s upcoming projects.

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