Sniper Elite 5 Mission 5 Kill Challenge: Lanzo Baumann

Learn how to kill Lanzo Baumann by burying him in concrete in Sniper Elite 5's Festung Guernsey Kill Challenge.

In Mission 5: Festung Guernsey, your Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenge target is Lanzo Baumann, an engineer involved in building dangerous weaponry. Baumann’s optional Kill Challenge is to bury him in concrete. In this guide, we’ll explain how to kill Lanzo Baumann in Sniper Elite 5 and complete his Kill Challenge so you can unlock the Type 100.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 5 Kill Challenge: How to kill Lanzo Baumann

Sniper Elite 5 kill list how to kill lanzo baumann
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Lanzo Baumann is located in the northeast of Mission 5: Festung Guernsey’s map, not far from one of the level’s workbench locations. He’s in a large quarry which is being used as the foundation of a new gun emplacement. Baumann himself is very easy to find and kill – he’s stood in a wooden shack at the position marked above, looking at a board. You can take him out quickly here.

However, if you want to complete the Lanzo Baumann Kill Challenge to bury him in concrete, you’ll need to go to some extra lengths. There are two methods to achieve this target, though it’s worth noting that the “proper” way is bugged at the time of writing and won’t award the Kill Challenge reward or grant you the Type 100. 

Sniper Elite 5 mission 5 kill list lanzo baumann
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We’ve covered both the simple and methods below. If you want to have more fun, simply save before you take Baumann out, perform the simple method to get the challenge done, then reload to do it the more cinematic way. In either case, we recommend taking out the small number of nazi guards patrolling the upper levels of the building site so you won’t be spotted.

Lanzo Baumann Kill Challenge: Simple version

How to kill Lanzo Baumann sniper elite 5 kill list
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To kill Lanzo Baumann and bury him in concrete, sneak up behind him in his shack and choose the Pacify non-lethal takedown. You can then pick him up and walk over to the wooden barricade to the north of the shack.

how to kill lanzo baumann sniper elite 5 bury him in concrete
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Look over the edge and you should be able to see cement pooling into the region below. Use the throw prompt to hurl Baumann over the edge and into the cement. This will kill him and complete the Kill Challenge to bury him in cement, unlocking the Type 100.

Lanzo Baumann Kill Challenge: “Proper” version

As noted above, following the steps below will take out Baumann but will not complete the Kill Challenge for some reason. We’re hoping Rebellion will patch this in future.

sniper elite 5 festung guernsey how to kill lanzo baumann kill challenge
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Rather than attacking Baumann directly, head to the cement machine on the wooden platform north of his shack. Here you should find an Interact prompt pop up when you approach the wooden banister to the left of the machine. Interact and Fairburne will kick the wooden structure, damaging it. 

sniper elite 5 lanzo baumann kill challenge festung guernsey
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Next, approach the cement machine from the front to see a Sabotage prompt appear. Activate this, then quickly hang over the side of the banister next to you and drop down out of sight.

Lanzo Baumann will hear that the machine is malfunctioning and come to investigate. After fixing it, he’ll then walk over and lean on the banister. Provided you damaged it, the banister will collapse, sending Baumann tumbling into the cement. All you need to do is stay out of sight and enjoy the results of your scheming.

Sniper Elite 5 lanzo baumann bury him in concrete festung guernsey
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That’s all there is to know about how to kill Lanzo Baumann in Sniper Elite for the Mission 5: Festung Guernsey kill challenge. While you’re in the area, make sure you’ve also visited all three Festung Guernsey workbench locations.  On to the next target? Our Mission 6: Liberation Kill Challenge guide will help you out there. If you’re up for more kill challenges, make sure you’ve followed our guide for taking out Matthaus Ehrlich with a Rat Bomb in the previous mission.

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