Relic Entertainment marks 25th anniversary with Company of Heroes sale and free retro minigame

Dawn of War and Company of Heroes see huge discounts during the Relic anniversary sale.

Strategy-game developer Relic Entertainment is marking its 25th year in the games business with a free game and franchise sale.

To mark the milestone, the World War 2 strategy game franchise Company of Heroes is on sale until tomorrow, June 23. Company of Heroes 2 is 80% off, as is the Ardennes Assault expansion. The various armies DLC packs are all discounted by 75%. The original Company of Heroes and its Complete pack which packs in all the DLC is also 80% off, bringing it down to around $5 USD.

The Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War franchise is also heavily discounted, with all games brought down by 85%. If you’ve yet to try Dawn of War 2’s co-op horde survival mode, the discount is a  solid chance to pick it up with a friend or two before bashing some invading tyranid and chaos hordes. Head to the Steam sale page to check out everything on offer.

Relic entertainment 25 anniversary sale
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As part of the 25th anniversary, Relic has also revived Armor of Heroes, the Sega-published retro take on Company of Heroes developed by The Eccentric Ape. It pits players against each other or AI in top-down multiplayer tank-battle skirmishes. The game was released for a limited time in 2020, and if you want to grab the free new version you’ll need to sign up for an account on the Company of Heroes development community (CoHDev) website.

Relic Entertainment is currently developing the third entry in the Company of Heroes franchise. Company of Heroes 3 will take players to the Italian mountains and North African deserts, with playable US and British armies, supported by Commonwealth forces and the Italian resistance. Multiplayer will also allow players to take command of the German and Italian axis forces. The Campaign tasks players with taking control of a strategic map of the Mediterranean, establishing supply lines that will enable them to take part in real-time strategy battles. The game has gone through multiple multiplayer tests in recent years, but there's no sign of a release date just yet.

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