MultiVersus' infamous Taz spin attack is giving players Meta Knight flashbacks

The Tasmanian devil is causing more than just Smash players to spiral, but change may be on the way.

MultiVersus has kicked off the early access phase of its Open Beta, letting players get stuck in with everyone from Batman to the Iron Giant in Super-Smash-Bros.-style platform-fighting brawls. With such a host of different characters, balance issues were always going to crop up, but one hairy individual is causing more grief than others.

The problem is Taz. The famously phelgmy Tasmanian devil is best known for spinning into a tornado, and in MultiVersus he’s been doing just that. Over and over again. Taz’s spider special sees him launch into a frenzied tornado, sliding across the level to batter anyone in his path. Taz spin attack spammers have proven such an aggravation that the game’s subreddit is currently flooded with memes relating to Taz players, some far kinder than others.

MultiVersus Taz broken memes
Image Credit: poppyartistt on Reddit.

The attack isn’t impossible to avoid – one of the top posts on the MultiVersus reddit is a video dedicated to counters – but in the chaotic 2v2 matches which form MultiVersus’ core, it can prove extremely difficulty to see the strike coming, especially when playing against a pair of whirling devils. For many, it’s generating unwanted flashbacks to the tornado-heavy days of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Meta Knight’s dominance.

The good news is that, unlike Brawl, MultiVersus has plenty of updates planned, and the developers have already got their sights on the traumatizing Tasmanian devil Player First Games co-founder and MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh posted on Twitter, saying: “We’re aware of Taz tornado. We are testing adjustments. No eta yet on an update.”

It’s not clear yet whether “adjustments” will take the form of a nerf or rethink to some of Taz’ moves, but fans of the character are already preparing for the worst

MultiVersus lets players battle with a roster of characters from all manner of Warner Bros. licenses. The free-to-play game enters full open beta on July 26, but those who took part in previous alphas can gain early access. It’s also possible to join the fun early by watching partnered streamers of Twitch to secure a code for your Warner Bros. account. MultiVersus will also be featured at EVO 2022, with a prize pool of $100k for the 2v2 bracket. Evo's due to take place August 5-7, giving the pros and competitive hopefuls a few more weeks to get their practice in while Player First Games irons out the bugs.

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