The Pros Of Wireless Earbuds

Compact form and flexibility make wireless earbuds a highly versatile choice for gaming.

Wireless used to come at both a literal expense and the less material cost of the countless time spent charging or replacing batteries. But wireless technology has come a long way since its started making its way into household consumer tech in the 80s. Now, wireless earbuds like the HyperX Cloud MIX Buds can deliver a similar level of performance that we’d expect from their cable-reliant brethren while offering up some unique benefits. Here’s why wireless earbuds might be for you.

The HyperX Cloud Mix Buds
The HyperX Cloud Mix Buds

The freedom to move

The first and greatest advantage of wireless earbuds? It’s in the name. True wireless freedom means more than just a lack of cable to trip over or get tangled up in as you put your headphones away. It means the option to enjoy immersing yourself in your audio however and whenever you like. 

The dual wireless connection types of the HyperX Cloud Mix Buds make this a reality. You could be chatting on the phone while you prepare some lunch or loading up a true-crime podcast for a lengthy commute. The in-built Bluetooth connection has you covered at home, on the bus, or even in the gym. As lightweight and comfortable as modern headsets and headphones have gotten, you might not really want to don a full over-ear setup just to enjoy some anime or an audiobook, so this is definitely a scenario where quality wireless earbuds can shine.

When it’s time to get stuck in with a game session, attaching the 2.4GHz wireless adapter to your PC will deliver the same audio quality, but it’ll get that audio to your ears with low latency. Desktop gaming with earbuds no long has to come with a lengthy, annoying audio lag.

Compact form

A headset can be a fashion item, but not everyone wants to lug a hefty pair of earcups around  when they’re just heading out to pick up some groceries. Wireless earbuds are the ideal form-factor audio device.

When you’re done listening to your earbuds, there’s no need to keep them dangling around your neck – packing them away is as simple as popping the pair into your pocket or a compact carry case. Planning to travel and still want a premium gaming setup with you? Cloud Mix Buds will occupy far less space in your luggage than a gaming headset will.

Reducing headset discomfort

The wrong headset can be a right pain. And we don’t just mean in terms of audio quality. For some – particularly those with glasses – the larger earcups of full-scale headsets can cause pressure or pain to build up in the ears during extended sessions. Earbuds allow you to circumvent this, packing all that audio goodness into a package that fits comfortably into those holes on the sides of your head. They won’t mess up your perfectly styled hairdo, either, leaving you looking good while streaming or meeting up with friends in the real world.

Going wireless also removes the risk of having your earbuds yanked out painfully. With true wireless earbuds, there’s no worry of cables snagging on door handles as you dash out of the house in a hurry. There’s also no need to worry about them falling out on their own. Whether they’re true wireless, wireless, or wired, HyperX earbuds come with three different ear tip sizes, allowing you to find the right fit for your body.

On top of all that, wireless earbuds are extremely light. The Cloud MIX Buds weigh 0.04lbs  – just a fraction of a full wireless headset like the Cloud Flight S. As such, they’re perfectly suited to treat your ears to some tunes as you stroll through the park and get your daily step count up.

Minimal charge time

Thankfully, wireless no longer means dealing with weak battery life. Even delivering premium audio quality, the Cloud MIX Buds will keep your ears entertained for up to 10 hours straight. And when you keep the compact charging case to hand, that extends to a full total of 33 hours before anything needs plugging in. Easily enough to outlast the battery of your Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck. International flights? No problem. 

And when you do get back home, it only takes two hours to charge the Cloud Mix Buds all the way up from empty, or 1.5 hours for the charging case. Rest the earplugs in that when you’re done for the day, and you’ll never be caught powerless in the middle of an online match or meeting.

3D surround sound

Wireless earbuds are great while on the go, obviously, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy next-level audio with them. Hook your Cloud MIX Buds up to a PC or laptop and you can take advantage of full 3D surround sound via DTS Headphone:X. Whether you’re watching a movie or trying to locate that pesky sniper popping shots at you from a distance, wireless Cloud MIX Buds will serve up an immersive audio experience many headsets can’t compete with.

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