Umbrellas can be your weapon of choice in Splatoon 3

Stand under my Splat Brella.

In the run up to Splatoon 3’s launch this year, Nintendo has released details on a new umbrella-based weapon type that defense-loving Inklings can bring to the field.

The Splat Brella – along with its larger cousin, the Tent Brella – offer protective shields that will defend an Inkling in battle from attacks in certain directions, while also dishing out some targetted damage in return.

The two new weapons were shared on the Splatoon North American Twitter account, with a few details on how each can be expected to work during matches.

“Squid Research Lab Ballistics here with a weapon type that looks far more innocent than it is,” the first tweet reads. “Meet the brella! Open one up to defend against enemy barrages, then launch it right into their surprised faces. Brellas can also fire ink, of course. When it rains…”

The Splat Brella looks to be a more mobile and versatile option, offering a small shield of protection for a single Inkling when held in one direction.

“This is the Splat Brella, which performs well in a variety of defensive positions,” the second tweet details. “Users can wield the umbrella portion to fend off attacks from in front, but that leaves them open from the sides and back. Watch your behind!”

The larger Tent Brella blocks a much wider horizontal arc, allowing you to defend both yourself and allies from incoming ink fire. It appears that deploying it will reduce a players movement speed significantly, but you will be able to fire back at any aggressors.

“And this is the Tenta Brella,” the final post says. “Less umbrella and has a wider area of shielding that protects you and your allies. Users may find that wielding such a weapon makes for slow going, but a single well-aimed shot will teach any foe the TRUE meaning of camping.”

Splatoon 3 releases September 9 on Nintendo Switch. Which umbrella will you be taking, or do you take umbrage at the entire idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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