MultiVersus: Best beginner characters

Learn the best beginner characters in MultiVersus you should start with and unlock before moving on to the rest of the cast.

If your skills haven’t been honed on the mean streets of Super Smash Bros, the platform fighting of MultiVersus can be quite a challenge. Especially with such a variety to the game’s roster. Our best beginner characters in MultiVersus guide will help you get to grips with the game by finding the fighter that’s right for you. 

Not all the characters start unlocked, either. We’ll highlight the MultiVersus best beginner characters both locked and unlocked so you know who to put your coins towards. We’ll also highlight characters to avoid for some time due to their complexity.

MultiVersus: Best beginner characters

MultiVersus introduces unique abilities and status effects with almost every character, which can be a lot to deal with. Thankfully, several have far less going on and focus on the basics of direct hits and movements.

Best Tank beginner character: Superman

MultiVersus best beginner characters guide tank - an image of superman with his name and class
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Good for: Players expecting to take a beating (but still want to hit back).

Starts: Unlocked.

As you might expect, the Man of Steel is tough and can take a beating before he’s knocked from the fray. As such, he’s a great place to start for a MultiVersus beginner finding their feet. While he has a few ranged options like his laser vision, Superman is all about Armored melee attacks.

Many of his hits come with protection that’ll withstand a single impact, meaning you can swing through and still do damage. The most complex thing he’s got going is the ability to dodge into the air, a skill which can lead into powerful combos with practice. Make use of his air specials to grab opponents and hurl them into the blast zones. Alternatively, try Wonder Woman to get to grips with cooldown attacks.

Best Brawler beginner character: Shaggy

The best beginner characters in MultiVersus brawler shaggy - an image of shaggy with his name
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Good for: Anyone who wants to get stuck in and spam specials.

Starts: Locked.

We’re not sure why Shaggy starts locked in MultiVersus because he makes for an ideal beginner character. His specials include a melee charge and a ranged sandwich toss, letting him cause a nuisance at any distance. He can even heal allies by tossing his sandwich through them! He’s tough enough to scrap up close and features all the core mechanics like Armor Break moves that you’ll want to learn.

Shaggy also comes with a Rage mechanic that powers up his next special. As you’re playing, practice getting enough distance to power up so you can unleash extra-strong attacks. You don’t need to run away, you just need to hit your opponent far enough to give you time!

Best Assassin beginner character: Finn / Harley Quinn

MultiVersus best beginner characters assassin finn - an image of finn with his name and class
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Good for: Those who’ve gotta go fast and like wielding weapons. 

Starts: Unlocked (Finn) / Locked (Harley).

The Assassin class is one of the most difficult for beginners. It comes with a base 14% increase to damage taken from enemy attacks, meaning you’ll find yourself knocked out earlier than others. What Assassins excel at, however, is speed and dishing out damage in return.

Finn starts unlocked and, equipped with a sword, he’s a solid enough place to learn the basics – especially for those who played Link in Smash. His trickiest aspect comes in collecting treasure and spending it to apply buffs with his down special. Alternatively, consider unlocking Harley Quinn instead. She has great combo hits on the ground and in the air, and can lay traps for her opponents which will automatically trigger when they get close.

Best Support beginner character: Velma

Best beginner characters multiversus support velma - an image of velma with her name
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Good for: Ranged players who want to boost their teammate from afar.

Starts: Locked.

The Support class is another tough one for beginners, as most of the characters within are built around comboing attacks off allies or rescuing them from certain death. Velma isn’t easy to play, but her effects will still benefit the team whether you use them well or not. 

Velma can fire a laser beam with her neutral special that hurts enemies and doubles up off allies, and her basic attack launches homing speech bubbles that hurt enemies and heal Velma when bounced off an ally. Make use of her down special too and you’ll even find your cooldowns reduced. Check out our full Velma guide for more advice on how to use her effectively.

Best Mage/Ranged beginner character: Bugs Bunny

Multiversus best beginner characters mage/ranged bugs - an image of bugs bunny with his name and class
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Good for: Those looking for a ranged fighter that’s a touch more complex.

Starts: Locked.

With only two Mage/Ranged characters in the game at launch, options are limited for beginners. Given Tom and Jerry’s reliance on splitting the pair for well-positioned combo attacks, Bugs is a far safer option for newbies. Packing a wealth of ACME inventions and projectiles, Bugs is a nuisance for any opposing player to face.

Bugs can hurl pies that slow enemies, launch rockets he can ride on, and dig tunnels that let him and his allies teleport across the arena. He’s also one of the few characters with distinctly different specials on the ground and in the air. Bugs can even summon a safe that's used for attacks or can be broken to reveal items you can use. Complex and filled with cooldowns? Definitely. But if you’re opting for the Mage/Ranged class, then you’re asking for a step up!

Those are our picks for the best beginner characters in MultiVersus. Remember that you can try out any of the characters in The Lab before you unlock them, so don't be afraid to test out ones you're considering unlocking! Check out the full roster to see everyone else available, then improve your skills with these nine tips and tricks you won’t learn from the basic tutorial.

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