Fortnite launching teams of 20 mode tomorrow

Grab your squad and head to Tilted Towers in 5-team mayhem.

Fortnite Battle Royale developers Epic Games have added another twist to the 100-player rumble by turning it into a 5-team game mode from tomorrow.

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The Teams of 20 event begins tomorrow on the free-to-play battleground, and should be a more action-packed version of their last attempt at team-building in the 50v50 mode.

The mode was previously hinted at earlier today when a roadmap update listed the mode in the game's New Updates panel, listed as coming soon. Turns out soon means "really, very soon" as Epic have pulled the trigger and soon you and your 19 buddies will be able to, as well.

This new mode should improve on the 50-on-50 violence as the previous iteration made it all too easy for one team to surge ahead early on with a few lucky engagements and then subject the remaining enemy players to a slow, inevitable loss in a battle of overwhelming numbers.


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