Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered guide: War Letter locations

Don't miss a single collectible in the Xbox One and PS4 sea-faring remaster.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered is almost here for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, and while the seas may be smaller than Black Flag’s, there are still plenty of collectibles to snag as you traverse the waves. Aside from Animus Fragments there are also Blueprints, Letters, Cave Paintings and Viewpoints to find, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

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In this guide we’ll be covering the locations of every single War Letter. There are 35 spread out across the map, and all you’ll need to do is find them laying around and pick them up. That’s no mean feat in a world as large as this, so don’t feel too bad if you miss your fair share.

To help you any War Letters you missed, we’ve got the region and location for everyone in a handy spreadsheet below. Just bear in mind that some require you to complete campaign missions before they’re available. Here are the locations for all the War Letters in Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered.

Where to find every War Letter





War Letter 01 My Faithful Acolytes River Valley Old Growth
War Letter 02 Laurence of America River Valley Marais Rocheux
War Letter 03 The First Colonial Assassin River Valley Twin Snake Path
War Letter 04 The Manila Galleons River Valley Albany
War Letter 05 The Omani Arabs River Valley Coeur de L'Hiver
War Letter 06 Death of the Executioner New York King's Farm
War Letter 07 The Siege of Louisbourg New York East Village
War Letter 08 The Scientist New York Stuyvesant's Farm
War Letter 09 All Over the World New York Lower Manhattan
War Letter 10 Dead End New York Waterfront
War Letter 11 Front Company North Atlantic Anticosti
War Letter 12 The Fiend Nadir Shah North Atlantic Lewisporte
War Letter 13 The Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom North Atlantic Miramichi
War Letter 14 The Hospitaller's Plea North Atlantic Port aux Basques
War Letter 15 Audition North Atlantic St. John's
War Letter 16 The Swedish Levant Company North Atlantic Yarmouth
War Letter 17 The Clerk North Atlantic Glace Bay
War Letter 18 Mediterranean Defense North Atlantic Sept-lles
War Letter 19 Art History River Valley lle de Pins
War Letter 20 Fit to Serve River Valley Le Bras du Seugneur
War Letter 21 The Kingdom of Mysore River Valley Fleur de Vent
War Letter 22 Arrange Marriage River Valley Mount Vernon
War Letter 23 The Ghost of the North River Valley Riviere Aurifiere
War Letter 24 Ruinous Reinette New York Greenwich
War Letter 25 Monro Naval Campaign Complete the Savannah mission in the Fleet Campaign
War Letter 26 The Stalwart Naval Campaign Complete the Le Havre mission in the Fleet Campaign
War Letter 27 Cuban Salvage Naval Campaign Complete the Havana mission in the Fleet Campaign
War Letter 28 A Thief in the Night Naval Campaign Complete the Santa Maria de Belem mission in the Fleet Campaign
War Letter 29 Chichen Itza Naval Campaign Complete the Cartagena mission in the Fleet Campaign
War Letter 30 First Mate Naval Campaign Complete the Goree Islande mission in the Fleet Campaign
War Letter 31 A Door of No Return Naval Campaign Complete the Stockholm mission in the Fleet Campaign
War Letter 32 Warning Naval Campaign Complete the Malta mission in the Fleet Campaign
War Letter 33 Savannah Naval Campaign Complete the Mozambique mission in the Fleet Campaign
War Letter 34 Family Vacation Naval Campaign Complete the Calcutta mission in the Fleet Campaign
War Letter 35 Family Reunion Naval Campaign Complete the Manila mission in the Fleet Campaign
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