Get an inside look at Redfall with Arkane's developer discussion

Arkane Austin deep dive on story, enemies, classes and more.

As part of the team’s appearance at Quakecon 2022, developer Arkane has released a 20-minute video giving insight into the setting for Redfall and the creative process behind bringing the town, characters, and abilities to life.

The video features Arkane Austin studio director Harvey Smith, creative director Ricardo Bare, art director Karen Segars, and lead producer Aaron Carter as they talk through the design behind the vampire-ridden town.

“It’s not New York, it’s not London or Boston or whatever – it’s quaint, it's small,” Segars says. “Even though it’s our biggest game, it feels like small-time Americana.”

refall trailer abilities
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Redfall is a co-operative first-person shooter for up to three players. The small island of Redfall has been overrun by rich individuals that have transformed themselves into vampires. Unlike traditional vampires, the Redfall’s fanged enemies have actively chosen to become monsters, working with a science firm to extend life and grant powers by feeding on others. The vampire faction will come in hierarchical tiers, rising up from human cultists to monstrous familiars, to generic vampires, to named leaders, to vampire gods.

To help battle this supernatural threat, Redfall’s cast of unusual characters come packing handy gadgets and supernatural powers unique to each of the available characters. So far we’ve been introduced to Cryptozoologist Dev Crousley, stealthy weapons specialist Jacob Boyer, techhead and engineer Remi De La Rosa, and the telekinetic-power wielding Layla Ellison.

Redfall’s open environment will allow players to explore at different times of day and during various weather conditions that can drastically change not just how the island looks, but how you approach each mission.

“We put so much effort into the narrative, into the world building, environmental storytelling, all that stuff,” says Bare. “It’s part of the reason that the games I gravitate towards make me feel that way. I hope players feel like they’ve been transported to some place that feels real.”

Redfall is set to release on Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2023.

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