Harra Fruit Genshin Impact locations map and guide

Find Harra Fruit locations in Genshin Impact with this handy map and guide to make material farming easy.

Harra Fruit in Genshin Impact is a useful material found in the new Dendro-themed Sumeru region. As such, you can find Harra Fruit on the tallest mountaintops around Sumeru. Here are the best places to look.

Harra Fruit location map in Genshin Impact

The best places to look for Harra Fruit in Genshin Impact's new Sumeru region are the mountaintops dotted around the jungles and rivers. You can find some at lower levels, but the larger clusters of Harra Fruit are gathered higher up on slopes and plateaus. They appear in bushes with two Harra Fruit per bush, so with 53 locations on the map that's a total of 106 Harra Fruit you can farm in a single day. 

Harra Fruit genshin impact locations map
Harra Fruit can be found on tall mountaintops around Sumeru.

If you're looking for more easy maps to find ascension materials and resources in Genshin Impact's Sumeru region, check out our other guides from the 3.0 update here.

You can find more useful material locations and helpful hints using the Genshin Impact interactive map (which isn't the official one, but we find this one to be a bit more accurate and has notes from other people helping you find what you're looking for).

Hopefully this map makes farming Harra Fruit in Genshin Impact much more bearable while you travel around Sumeru.


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