Dark Souls Amiibo for Solaire of Astora releases May 25

Praise the sun!

There will be Amiibo for Dark Souls. That is a thing that is happening in 2018 when Dark Souls releases for Nintendo Switch on May 25.

The collection will begin with Knight Solaire of Astora, allowing you to use the "Praise The Sun" gesture in game.

Just to reiterate, they're making Amiibo of Dark Souls characters. For Nintendo Switch. The future is absolutely incredible.

The news came as part of tonight's Nintendo Direct, which also mentioned that Dark Souls will also allow you to save and continue any time on the go, suggesting the bonfire save system may be slightly relaxed to allow you to put the console to sleep while travelling.

Network features will also be present for the game, allowing you to participate in a round of jolly co-operation with your new Amiibo.


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