The HyperX x Naruto Collection will add shinobi style to your gaming setup

Believe it!

HyperX has revealed a limited-edition Naruto collection available on the store now.

The HyperX x Naruto Product Collection will add signature shinobi chic to your gaming gear with sleek new color schemes and designs for your favorite headsets, keyboards, and more. 

Included in the HyperX Naruto collection are limited-edition versions of the Cloud Alpha headset, Pulsefire Haste mouse, Alloy Origins keyboard, and HyperX Pulsefire Mat Mouse Pad. Not content to just look good, the Naruto- and Itachi-themed variants are packed with references to the anime series and characters. Check them all out in the teaser trailer below:

Don the yellow Cloud Alpha to show your support for the Hidden Leaf Village. You can place its emblem under your fingertips on the matching Alloy Origins. Or, renounce your loyalty with the fiery orange variant featuring the split-symbol of those shinobi who have forsaken the Konoha. Either way, you’ll be flanked by deadly kunai on the shift keys and ready for action. 

With the Pulsefire Hastes featuring the names of each character in Japanese, the yellow version is perfect in the hands of Naruto Uzumaki fans, while the red variant is made for those who favor Itachi instead. Underlay your setup with the expansive HyperX Pulsefire Mat Mouse Pad to complete the ninja look. Yellow and red-orange variants are available for all the gear in the collab, letting you match your headset, mouse, keyboard, and even mouse pad to your preferred allegiance. 

The HyperX x Naruto Product Collection is available to browse and buy on the HyperX store now.

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