Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Forgotten Combination answers

All the correct answers to Scrooge McDuck's A Forgotten Combination quest.

Reach Friendship level four with Scrooge McDuck and you’ll be able to start the A Forgotten Combination quest. This tasks you with heading to different parts of the Plaza and Meadow in order to solve riddles that will reveal safe code combination numbers Scrooge has forgotten. In this guide, we’ll explain the correct A Forgotten Combination answers in Disney Dreamlight Valley so you can complete the quest and boost your friendship with the miserly old fellow.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Forgotten Combination answers

Disney dreamlight valley a forgotten combination answers guide
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Once you’ve spoken with Goofy, walked down into Peaceful Meadow, and entered Merlin’s house, you’ll be able to return to Scrooge McDuck to provide your Disney Dreamlight Valley A Forgotten Combination answers whether you’ve solved the riddle or not.

In case you’ve forgotten on your trip back to Scrooge McDuck’s store, here are the correct answers for A Forgotten Combination:

  • What is Goofy’s favorite day: May 25th.
  • How many ponds did you count in the meadow: 3.
  • How many telescopes does Merlin need: Just 1 is enough.

Answer all three questions correctly and you’ll complete the A Forgotten Combination quest for Scrooge McDuck, at which point he’ll reward you and then promptly ask you to forget the numbers so he can keep his valuables safe. You might not make millions off it, but at least Scrooge will like you a little bit more – he’s a tough one to please after all.

You don’t actually need to remember the numbers to the A Forgotten Combination quest. So long as you pick the correct answers, Scrooge will be happy with you. That’s all we can teach you for the Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Forgotten Combination answers. For more early quests, check out how to make Fish Sandwiches for the Missing Minnie quest of Mickey Mouse or view the game’s full controls here as an easy reference!

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