HyperX Queued Up opens voting on the content creator class of 2022

Pick your faves from 20 of the up-and-coming content creators in Queued Up.

HyperX has launched a new season of Queued Up, a showcase that identifies and celebrates fresh faces and promising talent in gaming. The new season of Queued Up will highlight and empower rising content creators by providing them with a platform to help their brands flourish.

Each year Queued Up features a class of five content creators chosen and showcased to the world, picked from 20 up-and-coming stars in the gaming world. The Queued Up class will receive benefits and prize packages designed to help scale their brands, including a 12-month paid contract, the opportunity to be featured in new releases, and tools to help them level up their content.

Last year's class of five featured Genshin Impact impresario Tuonto, Apex legend Yoojin, scream queen Cahlaflour, variety streamer Krystalogy and Valorant agent Lough.

“With the growing number of up-and-coming content creators, we look forward to showcasing another group of talented individuals with Queued Up in 2022,” said Kerry Hoang, social media & brand content manager at HyperX. “HyperX's goal is to empower and support the next generation of talent by providing products and tools to help grow their social channels and enable them to elevate their brand and feel empowered as content creators."

Queued Up candidates will be chosen by an internal selection committee, as well as the HyperX community, who will have the opportunity to vote on the top five finalists. An internal submission period which began in August has selected 20 streamers, content creators and influencers who are up for the fan vote. Fans will have the opportunity to vote online from Wednesday, Sept. 21th – Friday Oct. 7 to determine the top finalists for the 2022 Queued Up. The top five HyperX Queued Up winners will be revealed at a winners’ announcement livestream celebration on Oct. 21, 2022.

During the winners’ announcement livestream, the 2022 Queued Up class and current HyperX roster of influencers and streamers will take over the HyperX Twitch channel for a series of talent-driven segments where they will play their favorite games, get to know each other, and allow the online audience to meet them.


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