Pokémon Scarlet and Violet introduces: Long Diglett AKA Wiglett

The newest Pokémon to be introduced in Scarlet and Violet is Wiglett, a sort of long Diglett.

This long windy fellow is Wiglett, and it is the newest Pokémon to be introduced in the run up to Scarlet and Violet launching on November 18.

In a video shown to the Pokémon World Ecological Society – a very real thing that we are overjoyed to learn exists – the latest new creature from the Paldea region was given the briefest of introductions. Many thanks to the stalwart Poké-spotters at Serebii for capturing this elusive glimpse at greatness.

While looking like a sort of long Diglett, this is apparently an entirely new form of life unique to the Paldea region, and definitely not just Paldea Diglett.

Does stretching out an existing Pokémon and starting it with a W make it a new Pokémon? Absolutely! It's all made up! Anything can be anything!

The longest boi has already garnered a fanbase online with hastily scrawled fanarts littered all over Twitter, what has endeared him to so many is a matter of simple calculus: Diglett (good) + more Diglett (more good) = Wiglett (great).

Are you smitten by our new wiggly worm overlord and prepping a spot in your team for when Pokémon Scarlet and Violet release on November 18? Or are you writing angry letters to the Pokémon World Ecological Society requesting a reclassification?


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