What MIT means in Overwatch 2: Scoreboard stats explained

Breaking down the Overwatch 2 scoreboard, including what the MIT stat means.

Overwatch 2 introduces a new scoreboard to the game, showing eliminations, deaths, healing, and a mysterious stat called MIT. Nothing immediately tells you what this mystery figure is, so in this guide we’ll explain what MIT is in Overwatch 2. We’ll also break down all the Overwatch 2 scoreboard stats so you know how you’re performing in each game.

What MIT means in Overwatch 2

What MIT means in overwatch 2 scoreboard
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In Overwatch 2 MIT means Mitigation – Damage Mitigation to be more specific. The number refers to the amount of damage that player has stopped themself or another person on their team from suffering by means of an ability. The primary abilities that will register as Damage Mitigation are shields like the ones Reinhardt or Brigitte wield. However, plenty of other abilities also count toward the stat, including Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp, D.Va’s Defense Matrix, and Genji’s Deflect.

Typically, Tanks will see the highest MIT stats each game, as a way of recognizing their contributions to the team that aren’t elimination or healing-based.

Overwatch 2 scoreboard explained

Overwatch 2 scoreboard explained
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MIT might be the most mysterious figure, but the Overwatch 2 scoreboard has many other stats to take note of. Here’s what everything means:

  • E: Eliminations – the number killing blows landed on opponents
  • A: Assists – Number of times this player assisted with an elimination.
  • D: Deaths – Number of deaths
  • DMG: Damage – Total damage dealt during the match.
  • H: Healing – Total healing through abilities (of both self and teammates).
  • MIT: Mitigation – Total damage negated by abilities.

When you open the Overwatch 2 scoreboard mid-match, you’ll also receive detailed hero statistics for the character you’re currently playing. You can access these post-match as well from the game’s menus, letting you carefully dissect your performance no matter who you play.

Now that you know what MIT means on the Overwatch 2 scoreboard, check out our controls guide to ensure you know how to make use of other tools like the new ping system! 

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