Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter DLC to arrive soon after launch

Cooking up a collaboration.

Sonic Frontiers will get free DLC themed around the Monster Hunter series soon after the game’s launch.

The free post-launch update including an outfit and cooking minigame was announced via the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account today. It’ll arrive on November 14, just six days after the release of Sonic Frontiers.

The original post announcing the DLC revealed few details beyond the Sonic Team artwork showing our famous blue hedgehog sporting an armored outfit made from monster parts in front of a portable campfire. The image is accompanied with the message: “Time to get cooking!”

The tweet was then followed up by a post on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account offering further details about what to expect. It seems Sonic will be able to take part in a special Monster Hunter cooking minigame when the DLC arrives. The post includes an image from the Monster Hunter development team of Sonic in Monster Hunter armor cooking a meal next to an excited, pom-pom-wielding felyne.

“Following launch on Nov. 8, download the free Collaboration Pack on Nov. 14 to get some stylish in-game Monster Hunter equipment and play a fun mini-game!” Reads the message.

The collaboration has also been officially announced on the sonic website, with an image of Sonic getting his cook on in-game.  The post reveals that Sonic will gain access to a special armor set and a "grilled meat" equipment set to take part in a meat-frying minigame. Hedgehogs are certainly omnivores, but should one really be chowing down on a steak? You'll have to decide that for yourself when the DLC arrives.

Sonic Frontiers monster hunter DLC armor

The armor in question is the Rathalos (Rioreus) armor set from Monster Hunter 4. There are two variants available, with one described cat armor, likely based on that worn by your Palico companion.

Sonic Frontiers sees the blue blur arrive on a mysterious island filled with puzzles to solve, paths to navigate, and enemies to defeat. The game promises to mix an open-world island with more traditional 3D Sonic levels. Sonic Frontiers releases November 8 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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