God of War Ragnarok controls guide

Learn the full PS4 and PS5 controls for God of War Ragnarok.

A refresher on the God of War Ragnarok controls is no bad idea, whether you played the first game or not. Combat is immensely satisfying, but with multiple weapons and abilities to master, it’s easy to forget some actions. We’ve got the PS4 and PS5 controls for God of War Ragnarok below, so you can check up on the inputs any time you need.

God of War Ragnarok controls guide - PS4 and PS5

God of War Ragnarok controls guide ps4 ps5
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The God of War Ragnarok PS4 and PS5 controls are identical, though PS5 players will get to enjoy some extra haptic feedback and adaptive trigger inputs. There are no gameplay differences between the two. Check the list of actions below and you can find the full God of War Ragnarok controls to pair with them in the column to the right side.


PS4/PS5 Controls


Left Analog Stick


Right Analog Stick





Weapon Ability

Triangle (sometimes hold)

Atreus Ability


Light Attack


Heavy Attack / Throw (while aiming)




Shield Bash

L1, L1




L3 (Click In Left Stick)

Lock On / Stun Grab

R3 (Click In Right Stick)

Spartan Rage

L3 + R3 (Click In Both Sticks)

Light Runic Attack

L1 (hold) + R1

Heavy Runic Attack

L1 (hold) + R2

Weapon Skill

L1 (hold) + O

Swap Arrow Type

D-Pad Up

Equip Primary Weapon

D-Pad Right

Equip Secondary Weapon

D-Pad Left

Use Bare Hands

D-Pad Down

Open Map / Character Menu



Options Button

Feel free to drop back to this page any time you need a reminder of the full God of War Ragnarok controls for PS4 and PS5. Bear in mind, however, that many of the game’s combat maneuvers require you to perform certain actions in sequence, including sprinting into light or heavy attack, or sprinting off an edge into an attack. Make sure to check your skills menu to see which unique combat moves you have unlocked.

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