Eccentric game director Yoko Taro celebrates Nier: Automata's one year anniversary

And it's just as weird as we'd hoped.

Yoko Taro, Nier Automata’s game director has released a special video to celebrate the anniversary of the game’s release.

It’s every bit as strange as we’ve come to expect from Yoko Taro who, as per usual, delivers the message of thanks while wearing his signature, grinning mask.

Leaping onto a sofa, Taro thanks fans for their support and explains that “fan events” will be organised in North America and Europe to celebrate the anniversary. Naturally, the video ends with a silent montage of him punching, elbowing and kissing cushions.

Of course, this isn’t the strangest sequence we’ve seen Yoko Taro involved in. It’s hard to forget the Nier: Automata’s T-shirt preorder video from last year:

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