Gaming Christmas and holiday events of 2022 to warm those winter evenings

All the major 2022 winter events in gaming to keep you busy this December.

Manage to defrost your finger enough to grasp a controller and you’ll find a host of 2022 gaming holiday events to dive into this December. These limited-time events offer free rewards for the claiming, so find out when you can take part in your favorite titles. We’ve rounded up the major video game winter events of 2022 for titles below including Apex Legends, Rocket League, Dead By Daylight, and more.

Gaming Christmas and holiday events 2022

Apex Legends: Wintertide and Winter Express

  • Duration: Until Dec 27

Apex Legend Wintertide brings themed skins, challenges, and the return of the Winter Express limited-time mode. Available throughout December, Winter Express sees three squads fight for control of a train as it tears around World’s Edge.

Apex Legends Wintertide christmas event winter express
© Respawn

The Wintertide Collection event, meanwhile, includes 24 limited-time cosmetics to unlock via Apex Coins, crafting, and Wintertide Apex Packs. Get them all and you’ll earn a special Wraith Voidshifter Prestige skin. Complete daily challenges to earn points toward each week’s reward track.

Dead By Daylight: Season of Giving Advent Calendar

  • Duration: Until Jan 3
Dead by daylight season of giving advent calendar
© Studio BHVR

Dead By Daylight usually spends its time taking (mostly your life), but December marks the time in which the game gives back. Log in each day in December to receive a healthy supply of Bloodpoints and other rewards.

Destiny 2: The Dawning

  • Duration: Dec 13 - Jan 2
Destiny 2 the dawning holiday event
© Bungie

Destiny 2’s The Dawning event is all about sharing as you bake cookies with Eva Levante to give out to your best NPC buds. Earn ingredients by defeating enemies in unique manners, then take them to Eva's Holiday Oven to bake them into gifts. There are also stasis snowballs to grab and throw in Europa and weekly Nightfall strikers.

Fortnite Winterfest

  • Duration: Until Jan 3
Fortnite winterfest 2022 holiday events in gaming
© Epic Games

The season of giving is alive and true in the 2023 Winterfest, with 14 days of presents awaiting anyone who ventures into the Cozy Lodge during the event's runtime. Hit the snowflake at the top of the lobby screen to collect cosmetic presents and grab bonus XP by nabbing pizza slices or resting by the fire. Rewards include gliders, back blings, emotes, wraps, music tracks, and skins.

Goat Simulator 3 holiday update

  • Duration: None

The goats have donner their Christmas jumpers and are ready to wreak havoc across the holiday season. This free update to Goat Simulator 3 adds Santa hats, elf outfits and some comical new weaponry to wield on your goat's back. Pepper NPCs with snowballs, stun them with festive tripwires, or wrap them up as gifts to be sent on to horrified relatives.

MultiVersus Festivus Winter Event

  • Duration: 36 days (at least)
multiversus christmas event holiday 2023
© Player First Games

MultiVersus has slightly stepped up the generosity over its previous Halloween event with the arrival of Festivus. The 36 days of Festivus grant rewards of Holiday Cookies each day you log in. On top of that, cookies can be earned by playing matches, with more rewarded for wins and for games played while wearing Festivus cosmetics. Cookies can be spent in the Holiday Cookie shop to buy a toast, ringout effect, sticker, and one Superman skin. Other Christmas-themed skins are available to purchase using the game's premium currencies. 

Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland 2022

  • Duration: Dec 13 - Jan 4
Overwatch 2 winter wonderland christmas event
© Blizzard

Overwatch 2’s first Winter Wonderland event takes place this year, arriving as part of the game’s second season (which launches December 6). It’ll be followed in short order by the Lunar New Year event which runs Jan 17 - Feb 1. Both events will include challenges players can compete to earn themed unique skin. Winter Wonderland’s skin is the Epic Ice Queen Brigitte, and the next events include Legendary Winged Victory Mercy and Legendary Kkachi Echo.

Pokémon Unite Holiday Festivities

  • Duration: Dec 15 - Jan 16
Pokemon unite holiday festivities winter events
© The Pokemon Company

The closing nights of the year will see Pokémon Unite’s Holiday Festivities bring snowballs of a fun to online matches. Special log-in rewards with limited licenses and fashion items will be available, while the Photo and Illumination challenges offer up extra items to earn. Snowball Battle mode also arrives in Shivre City, with knocked out opponents becoming cheery, emoting snowmen for a short time.

Rocket League Frosty Fest 2022

  • Duration: Until January 3

Things are getting mellow in Rocket League this winter, as Frosty Fest 2022 partners with Lofi Girl to bring relaxed beats to our favorite virtual ball game. A selection of challenges can be taken on to unlock Lofi Girl and winter-themed rewards, including an adorable sleeping cat Topper for your car. A lofi bundle of player anthems is available to purchase, and limited-time modes are also on the way through the coming weeks. Winter Breakaway is up first until December 21, followed by Heatseeker Ricochet until the 28th, and then Knockout which runs until the event ends on January 3rd.

Those are all the special gaming holiday events we’ve spotted this year, but expect other games to join in the frosty jolly fun as frost climbs the windows and 2022 settles in for a final nap. Whatever gaming Christmas and winter events you’re planning to partake in, we wish you happy holidays!

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