Taste a Resident Evil first aid spray with this new Collector's Box

Or mix your own drinks with "Resident Evil-inspired" herbs.

Ever wondered what goes into the magical green herb healing sprays of Resident Evil games? Well now you can find out directly. With your mouth. That’s thanks to a collaboration between Capcom and drink manufacturer GameFlavor.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the series, the Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s box offers a sizable stash of healing items to keep your health topped up when times are dire. 

Resident Evil first aid spray collectors box gameflavor
© Capcom, GameFlavor

Included are 10 “uniquely numbered” first aid drink cans packing 330ml of curative cucumber-lime-mint flavored liquid. So that’s what Chris and Jill have been dousing themselves in all this time. There’s only one spray cap included, however, so you’ll need to swap it between cans if you want to cover your body with the healing mist of them all.

"Enjoy the refreshing taste of cucumber-lime-mint and restore your energy or reenact your favorite scenes from the game," reads the product description. 

And if you’re a series perfectionist grumbling that first aid sprays are completely different to the franchise’s iconic red and green herbs, worry not! The box also packs in four herb powders “in the colors of well-known herbs from the game.” 

So what exactly is a green herb, then? Unfortunately, GameFlavor is as willing to answer as the Resident Evil series itself. With purple in the mix, though, you’re even protected from poison. Confusingly, the herbs come packaged inside four ink ribbon tins. Just don’t try emptying them over a typewriter – you won’t be saving anything.

Resident Evil first aid spray collectors box gameflavor
© Capcom, GameFlavor

Handily, the pack also includes four recipe cards allowing you to practice your crafting skills in real life by working on non-alcoholic Resident Evil-based cocktails. Finally buyers can also enjoy a slightly baffling certificate of authenticity and the GameFlavor’s Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box Artbook.

Only 4750 caches of healing supplies are being released, so stock up quickly if you plan on taking on any Tyrants in 2023. You might need to reload your bank balance afterwards though, because the Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box will set you back a tidy €199.90 (~$215 USD or £177.64). Visit the GameFlavor product page to learn more.

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